Blogging Review 2021

Flyout io Startups That Shut Down? Well, Flyout is a part of, which is a platform for brands and agencies. Flyout is for bloggers who want to earn money by accepting sponsored posts from those brands and agencies. When you sign up at Flyout,io, the brands get to see your blog listed on their platform.

Flyout io Startups That Shut Down?

Startup Name
Headquarter Mumbai, India
Launch 2020 was founded to provide a platform for Sponsored Posts on Blog to put their skills to use. The nature of jobs was not restricted to blogging; any flyout’ guest posting related job was put up on the platform. They extinguished revenues ( which is the reason behind the failure of startups) and also lacked a business model, which led to their shutting down in stating 2021.

website still working,..

Flyout io is now dissolved. It’s a sad thing that they could not survive the market.

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