Best Video Editing Software for Windows: Making Memories Beautifully

Best Video Editing Software for Windows: We all know that if you are equipped with best Video Editing Software for Windows with a few instructions, anyone can create a video but sometimes it doesn’t get a professional look as the editing video editing software may not consists the good and required features. Best video editing software for windows for Making Memories More Beautifully. If you want your video to get a professional touch then install a video editor which will make your video look best one.

Free Video Editing Software for Windows

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Some of the commercial best video editors will be very expensive as they include the best features, which makes your videos as professional versions but everyone can’t afford it. Also they are some great free tools which will help you to add caption, soundtracks, special effects, trim, apply transitions etc. Here In this article we are providing YouTube video editing software for windows designed for windows which are best for you.

Video Spirit Pro:

Another Best video editing software for windows which edits your video files, it can wrap, resize, rotate and it can also add slide effects, subtitles in your videos. it supports windows operating systems which also includes windows7, XP, vista. it’s best feature is a converting speed which is very fast with an good output quality, where you can also join multiple video and audio clips together. you need to purchase this software to fully use it’s features which it offers as it not a free ware.

Downlod videoSpirit

Windows Movie Maker:

A product from Microsoft. which is available for free is windows movie maker and video editing software for windowsis only designed for windows vista users with limited functionality. it is very easy to use you can add music to the pictures and can also create slide show with windows movie maker 2.6. some problems are associated with the software

Download Movie Maker

Cyberlink Free:

one of the free video editing software for windows is cyber link, through which you can edit your videos in various formats like MPEG, MP4,WMV etc. you can download it for free. with this video editing software for windows you can edit or rearrange your video files. but this software doesn’t consist much special effects and it can’t share videos in YouTube as there are limited functionality .

Download Cyberlink Free


It is  an excellent and perfect software for you which is very easy to use and it’s 100% with no limit, no sign up and no registration as well. Besides video editing functions, it is a fabulous screen recorder, it is a fabulous screen recorder, slide show maker etc. Ezvid has the capability of cut and trimming the videos, rotate, marge, controlling video speed, duplicate project making etc. Along with video you can also rearrange sequences of clips or edit them just by a simple drag and drop media files to it’s timeline.


It also has the capability of importing any type of video format which includes AVI, WMV, MOV, MPA etc. Beside this is also capture the gaming recording in HD and without any annoying inconvenience. instantly it uploads to YouTube. other software doesn’t support this. To make your video to greater level download Ezvid. It’s best feature it is supports almost all window platforms including XPSP3, vista, window, 7, 8 etc.


Virtual Dub:

Virtual Dub another free video editing software for windows. which is a video dub, it is a video capture as well as editor processing utility only for video files and doesn’t support instant sharing of files. It just performs basic functionality such as editing and it has lack of some advance editing powers like Adobe premier because of its limited functionality and is not good as EZVID. It is good at AVI files processing, but can only read. So, it is not easy to use.

Download Virtual dub

Avid Free:

One of the best video editing software for windows is Avidfree which not only supports windows but also for Mac operating system as well. It is not easy like other software are, avid has the capability of auto editing and basic video as well. According to recent updates it is now not available and has been replaced by Avid and its not free you have to pay for it.

Download avid free

Video Spin:

It is a free video editor software which almost functions as EZVID and is based on studio. It also has limitations as some other software consists. it is very easy to use and has the best feature of direct upload to YouTube ezvid is getting plus point as this software does not support windows 7. yet one has to purchase a code pack in order to update to a newer version. it does not posses advanced qualities as other free video editing software for windows.

Download Video spin

Movie Storm:

The worlds first video sketch tool is the movie storm which is completely a animated package for your PC and Macintosh users as well including 39 content packs. we can download the full suite of making tool at 225 USD. it will be quite expensive as it is not totally 100% free. you can try it free only for two weeks. it has a group feature with an exploitative game style interface consist very large and powerful library of characters, animations etc.

Download Movie Storm

Zwei-Stein Video Editor:

It is a functional and a great non-destructive editing and video composition software. it is a unique with features of extensive effects. it is not good for beginners or average home users. it has a great features of editing up to 256 videos with still images audios, up to 64 effects. it is not so easy to use. with the automatic keys, panning, cropping etc. It is very easy.

Downlaod Zwei-Stein Video Editor


Movica is a video editing software(Movie Editor) which helps you in editing  your videos such as copy, paste joining and splitting of the video files etc. but it doesn’t contains the supporting features and instant sharing of files. which the other software has and it is easy to use as well as it is fast bit it has only limited functionalities as it doesn’t work with 64 bit windows.

Download  Movica

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So, friends with this above listed best free video editing software for windows and it’s use of creatively with making and editing your videos and some out door shooting. Hope you people enjoy the collection of best video editing software for windows and if i miss in that which is also, some out of box video editing ability software you are aware, must know in bellow comments.

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