Innovative architecture thesis topics list for B.Arch. final year dissertation ideas

Creative Architecture Thesis Topics: As per the Indian Architecture Education curricular, B.arch final year is the most important for all architecture persuar. Because last semester is for thesis design or dissertation and everyone looking for unusual architectural thesis topics for their portfolio. The selection of B.Arch. final year thesis subject is very crucial to decide for every architect under graduates.

So, I decided to help those future architects with a selective list of dissertation topics in architecture on kadvacorp. This is the list of undergraduate architecture thesis projects guide for those, who are not able to find out contemporary trendy architecture thesis topic ideas. But, as I say above, this is the right place, where you find architecture thesis proposals with their related building examples.

Architecture Thesis Topic Ideas.

Architectural thesis proposals.

B.Arch. Thesis Topics for Urban Planning and Transport:

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  1. Airports Design.
  2. Train stations.
  3. Urban transport planning.
  4. Mass Rapid Transit System (MTRS) Study and Station.
  5. Integrated Transportation Node.
  6. Bus Terminal Cum Commercial Complex.
  7. International Cruise terminal.
  8. Redevelopment around metro and MRTS Corridor.
  9. Architecture in motion.
Urban Planning Exhibition Center,

Modern architecture dissertation topics help you to score more grades in your final year architecture. Because select appropriate thesis journal topic affects your entire research and design thesis project.

So, friends try to choose interesting architecture dissertation topics that will help you to explore your creativity and give exposure to new design concepts. If you are able to select innovative architecture thesis projects for your final year design project.

That will help, not only score marks but give lifelong memory and worldwide appreciation for your creativity and exploration as students. So, don’t tie your horses to explore best architectural thesis proposal in the India.

Architecture thesis topics list for Bridges and Communication Towers:

Bridge design,
  1. Urban public squares.
  2. Promenades and streets architecture planning.
  3. Urban parks.
  4. Peripheral parks design.

Urban Monuments and Land Art Architecture Thesis Projects List:

  1. Cultural facilities.
  2. Bio-inspired research center.
  3. fish farming and learning center.
  4. Museums design.
  5. Art galleries.

Best thesis topics in architecture:

Let’s get clear architectural thesis proposal titles. Because best architectural thesis topics will futuristic, innovative as well act in local context with globe vision. Here you will find architecture thesis topics 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and continue.

There are hundreds of titles around many subjects but architectural thesis topics on social issues in India or similar like that will give you a shot of creativity as well swim in current flow.

Architectural Thesis Proposal for Cultural Centers and Foundations:

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  1. School and Universities building/campus.
  2. Libraries Building design.
  3. Religious buildings.
  4. architecture for humanity.
  5. International Invention Center.
  6. Center for self employment and provision of education for women.

Best Current Trends of Architecture Examples from from Archives.

You can also able to architecture thesis projects download in pdf with sample projects around your interest. I am very much hope that architecture graduation project topics help you to enlarge your boundary of search.

Architectural thesis proposal list samples and pdf help to make your architecture final year thesis project out of box and highly appreciable around you. And don’t forget to share with us also, so we can include in our architecture thesis projects list.

Architectural design research topics for thesis and journals: This thesis topics collection is help to architecture students in India and around the worldList of dissertation topics in architecture for Thesis are some way call it off track. But it is important to those who actually new incomer of the world of architecture.

Cool and innovative Architecture Thesis Topics for Thesis and Journals. As per my personal experience. This kind of information related to what is going in and around us. And it is use full for all academia and their circle. With this types of B.Arch. thesis topics are an informative subject. 

I would like to express my feeling toward those fellas. Those are use this article in selection of their architectural design thesis study. And prepare for their bright future.

I like to those are prosper in their life. Also, give their best to society and world of Architecture.

Architecture Design Research Topics for Thesis and Journals

Here we go for – most commonly used or general list of architectural research thesis topics for architecture students in India.

Architecture thesis topics for Leisure Facilities

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  1. Auditoriums.
  2. Theater and Cinemas.
  3. Sport Facilities.
  4. Film and Research Institute.
  5. Theme parks and Attractions.
  6. Bars, Discotheques ,and Game Rooms.
  7. Shopping malls.
  8. Stores and showrooms.
  9. Restaurants.

Public Buildings, Institutions, and Offices Projects List of Dissertation Topics in Architecture:

  1. Fashion Technology Park.
  2. Public Bodies.
  3. Public Service Buildings
  4. Institute For Entrepreneurship and Technology.
  5. Urban Offices Complex.
  6. Digital Morphogenesis.
  7. Banks.
  8. Tribal Heritage Museum.
  9. Corporate Buildings.
  10. Convention and Exhibition Centers.
  11. Fashion Technology Park.
  12. Research Centers.
  13. Cricket stadium display.
  14. Factories.
  15. Skyscrapers design.

Home Designs Dissertation Topics For Architecture Students

  1. Multi family Urban Homes.
  2. Hotels and Residences.
  3. Semi-detached and Row Houses.
  4. Multi family Suburban Homes.
  5. Single family suburban homes.
  6. Low Cost Housing.
  7. Single family country homes.
  8. Single family homes by the sea.
  9. Example of organic building form in architecture.

Select this kind of Architectural Thesis Topics. Subject that will be useful in your architecture career path. If your target is an academic career, select best thesis topics. That you can easy change into articles or a book. And that will lend itself well to future research.


Urban Design and City/Town Planning Architectural Design Research Topics

  1. Advanced Trauma Center and Hospital.
  2. Aquarium -Aqua display and Research Center.
  3. Mass Rapid Transit System (MTRS) Study and Station.
  4. Institute and Studios for Gaming and Animation, Multimedia Film City.
  5. Center of Excellence for Lighting.
  6. Waterfront Development – Beach Convention and Exhibition Center.
  7. Integrated Transformational Node.
  8. Architecture For Hills: A Site Responsive Settlement.
  9. Forest Research and Training Institute.
  10. Urban Entertainment Center.
  11. Cancer Hospital and Research Center.
  12. Aqua Marine Park.
  13. Archaeological Survey of India – Research and Training Institute.
  14. Low Cost Housing.
  15. Drug De-addiction and Rehabilitation Center.
  16. Auto mobile Research and Training Institute.
  17. Fashion Technology Park.
  18. Tribal Heritage Museum.
  19. Digital Morphogenesis and Its Implementation.
  20. School of Art, Design and Technology.

Master Level Architectural Design Research Topics

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  1. Center for Art, Culture and Tourism Promotion.
  2. Museum of Modern Art.
  3. Bus Terminal Cum Commercial Complex.
  4. Film and Research Institute.
  5. International Cruise terminal.
  6. Bio-climatic Tower.
  7. Sea-front Apartments.
  8. The Book Mall.
  9. Structural Design Approaches within the Scope of Theory and Application.
  10. Thought and Architectural Practices in the Tourism Sector.
  11. Concept of Equilibrium. And Its Effects of Change from Static to Dynamic on Architectural End-Products.
  12. The Peculiarities of Light as a Quality in Architecture.
  13. Color Design of Exterior Surfaces as an Expression of Architectural Thought.
  14. Development of a design evaluation tool primary school projects.
  15. An Analytic Approach to the Concept of Topography in Architecture.
  16. The Construction of Modern Architecture in Architectural History Writing.
  17. Study On “Temporary Post-Disaster Housing Unit” Constructed With –Light Gauge Steel Framing.
  18. Perception of Space through Representation Media.
  19. Advanced Trauma Center and Hospital.
  20. Architecture of Societies in Multicultural Region.

If you want to work at a teaching oriented institution. Consider thesis topics you can use in the classroom. If you are going into industry, choose architectural theses topics that will make you more memorable.

Interesting Doctorate Level Architectural Design Research Topics

  1. Residential Satisfaction in High-Rise Buildings.
  2. An Evaluation of Non-Classroom Spaces of Private Elementary Schools.
  3. Between De constructivist Architecture and Hyper-Historicism.
  4. Retrofitting Existing Mass Housing for Energy Efficiency.
  5. An Evaluation of Junction Details with Transparent Sheets in Furniture Design.
  6. Day lighting Evaluation in Office Buildings.
  7. A Study on the Interactions between Life Styles.
  8. Scheduling Problems in Architectural Design Process.
  9. The interaction of reinforced concrete skeleton systems and architectural form subjected to earthquake effects.
  10. A Method to Design Kinetic Planar Surface with Mathematical Tessellation Techniques.
  11. Bio-inspired design of a kinetic node for adaptable structures.
  12. Waterfront Development – Beach Convention and Exhibition Center.
  13. Design of Ruled Surfaces.
  14. Construction of Time Conception in Architectural Realm.
  15. A Critical view of Sustainable Architecture.
  16. Determination of Place Concept in the Reproduction Process of Built Environment.
  17. Analytical Study of the Design Potentials in Kinetic Architecture.
  18. Transformation of Meaning of Architectural Space.
  19. Installation Art, the Contemporary House, and the Critique of Subjectivity.
  20. Method of Morphological Analysis of Urban Housing Pattern.
  21. Design and Analysis of Reconfigurable Double Curved Surfaces.

So, Friends main reasons of writing this kind of article here. that in academic era of architect students. Thesis is important and precious time of exploration. I wish to my Architects and Designers have no much trouble. Find out different Architectural Design Research Topics. and waste their time for this kind of exercise.

So, This is all about architecture thesis topics collection

But actually main work in after. this selection of Architectural Design Research Topics is start. so, I wish this is some base provide for their starting of brainstorming. For Architectural Design Research Topics for Thesis.

These are some of the introductory. Architectural Design Research Topics as per my current knowledge. You can find some more Cool Architectural Design Research Topics. On this basis and create a new subject. Which suitable for your requirements and give a space for your exploration.

You are welcome to write us with some more and informative List Of Thesis Topics For Architecture Students. For Best Architecture thesis Topics and projects list. Hope you are enjoy the entire collection of  Thesis Topics For B. Arch Students.

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If you have some interesting architectural design projects or proposals. And want to incorporate here, kindly share with us via e-mail.


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