Home Gym Design Ideas

Move It Outdoors

This brutalist take on an indoor swimming pool is the perfect setting for a centering morning swim.

There's nothing worse than going to the gym for a relaxing workout only to be greeted by abrasive colors and neon signs. At home, opt for neutrals or tones that calm you to provide a restful place to focus on yourself.

Leave Room for Relaxation

then make sure you design a home gym you'll actually use by choosing a spot with plenty of direct sunlight. In this converted barn by General Assembly, the accordion doors open all the way up for fresh air exposure.

Heather Hilliard made this home gym look elegant by painting it a cool shade of gray and opting for exercise equipment in a similar tone

This pretty home gym designed by Cass

Crisp white paint isn't the only option! In fact, sometimes a moody deep tone enhances the sense of intimacy and simply makes the space cooler.

Indoor Pool

the indoor swimming pool area feels sexy and stylish as well as serene thanks to a circadian rhythm light system that changes color to moderate your internal clock.

Designed by Lauren Buxbaum Gordon of Nate Berkus Associates, this basement-level home gym appears to be double its actual size because of the floor-to-ceiling mirrors. The floors are painted white to enhance that fresh, wide-open feeling.

Make It Kid Friendly

Home Gym Ideas So Good You'll Actually Want to Work Out