Cng Car Safety Tips: Cng Car Tips Cng Car Maintenance tips

There has been a record hike in the prices of petrol and diesel. The price of petrol has reached Rs 100 per liter in many states of the country. And the price of diesel may also reach triple digits soon. There is no hope of any reduction in the prices of petrol and diesel. This is the reason why there has been an increase in the number of vehicles adopting CNG as a viable option to reduce their out-of-pocket expenditure. CNG vehicles are not only cost-effective to operate, but advancements in technology have made them safer than ever.

Cng Car Safety Tips: Cng Car Tips Cng Car Maintenance tips

Although a CNG car has some drawbacks like low boot space and slight performance degradation, if budget is the most important thing for you, then nothing is better than a CNG car. But even after this, there are some important questions which remain in the mind of common people. For example, how to maintain a CNG vehicle during summer. Is it risky to keep cylinders inside the vehicle during the prevailing heatwave (Loo) conditions in Delhi and North-Western parts of the country? And how to maintain a CNG car.

Top 5 Cng Car Tips Here,…..

Heating Tips 1

non-CNG vehicles, as far as possible, it is important that the CNG vehicle is parked in the shade. With the temperature in April, May, July, And July still above 40 degrees Celsius in many parts of the country, the hot sun can raise the car cabin temperature even more. Therefore, if the car is parked for long periods for most of the day, it is advisable to park it in a shady place.  Also Check out CNG Activa

Cng Car limit Tips 2

Try not to fill CNG to the maximum limit of the cylinders in the car. Such is advisable due to thermal expansion in a hot climate. For example, if the cylinder of the vehicle has a refill capacity of eight liters, ask the attendant to fill only seven liters while filling the CNG. Don’t worry about what will happen if the car runs out of CNG, as you always have the option to switch to petrol. 

Cng Car lifespan Tips 3

sure to check the expiry date on the CNG cylinder. Typically, a cylinder has a lifespan of about 15 years, which is more than what the car is likely to last. Still, it is always better to be safe than to regret later.

CNG Testing Tip 4

A CNG cylinder needs hydro-testing every three years. Testing is another way to ensure that the cylinder has no leakage, is not damaged in any way and can continue to be used in the vehicle. In summer, this can be quite significant given the high operating temperatures. 

CNG Kit Tip 5

If you have got a CNG kit installed on your car from a local mechanic, it is always a good idea to get it checked for authenticity and certification. Automakers now offer company-fitted CNG kits which may cost a bit more. But it does not affect the warranty of the new vehicle and gives a longer and safer driving experience. But in case of getting a CNG kit fitted in a vehicle, it is very important to ensure that the kit is certified and the mechanic installing it is registered with the competent authorities.

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