Many of us have a question in mind regarding newly launch Honda CNG activa Price? Right, Actually Indian government announce regarding cng two wheeler kit before few months. But this entire CNG kit product is under development and testing. Now, This CNG activa is going in two wheeler market for public use. So, Price of CNG Activa is became a first question for general public.

CNG Activa Price in India.

India have a multi states country. So, there are slight differences in cng activa price value. As per the state govt. and RTO taxes and charges.

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CNG Activa Price Value.

As CNG is more moderate, the running expense of the Activa CNG will be lower. The CNG Activa’s cost hasn’t been uncovered yet. These will be made by an Iranian CNG unit maker in Pune.

Let’s have a look about main main city level price of CNG Activa.

  • CNG Activa Price in Mumbai.

With the CNG pack, the Activa’s valuing to be approximately INR 75,000 (on-street).

  • CNG Activa Price in Delhi on road.

In delhi and surrounding delhi area, cng activa price go approx. INR 75,000.

  • CNG Activa Price in Pune, Maharashtra.

Coming Soon,….

  • CNG Activa Price in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

The estimated price of CNG Honda Activa is Rs. 65,000* and it’s not launched for the general public.

  • Activa CNG Price in Vadodara.

Price is not available for this city. Coming Soon,….

  • CNG Activa Price in Agra.

The Activa’s pricing should be about INR 75,000 (on-road).

  • CNG Activa Price in Indore, MP.

Price is not available for this city. Coming Soon,….

  • CNGActiva Price in UP.

Not available for this city. Coming Soon,….

Get more detail on CNG Activa Here:

Above mention activa price are approx assumption. There is not an official price declare till now. For final pricing figure, stay tune. We will be updating as available the price as soon.

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