Suitable homes Space – Minimum space standards for housing and building regulations

Minimum space standards for housing: DIY for Find out  Better and Suitable homes Space is about discussing about space. Which make us feel better and livable environment to all human being. On that way, we see some architectural and space planning tips. For selection of a home/apartment block or any livable space as one account of your hard earned money.

DIY for Find out  Better and Suitable Homes Space

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Here are some tips of DIY for Find out  Better and Suitable homes Space you.

Means of access/Good Accessibility:

When you find a property, kindly check the proper approach way to your property and check also, that the property and way of access is belong to your property holder by law, and it should be self sufficient to taken care at a time of emergency like, medical, fire, natural calamity, etc.

Building Architecture:

Yup, when we are talk about architecture, let’s just clear that, like some great architect says “ARCHITECTURE IS A WAY OF LIFE “so, these things say us a lot. Like building is as complex as human body an when we see that when some person feel internally happy with good health , the same way building is also, look fresh, elegant, maintained and prosperous. If the architecture of particular structure of building function properly. Space planning of said structure properly balance and it should sustainable, less negative aspects.

Building Elevation:

Ohh…., when we hear about the building elevation and generally, we think that what, no matter we don’t care much about elevation. But here, folks made a mistake. When we talk about any external appearance of bride who take a full attention of all surrounding atmosphere.

The same way any building elevation should look like balance, attractive, impressive, and not creating any unwanted nuisance for a human being. Style doesn’t matter; just elegance of external façade is the prestige of living human’s moral support and also a symbol of up gradation of society.

suitable homes,

Internal Space Planning:

This is a noticeable criteria for any buyer of property when a person put their hard earned money to someone’s hand. So, here we see some major points toward, the subject of space planning. Here first of all when we see any plan kindly notify it should be in proportion, right angle planning, or proper geometrical foam and order.

Avoid odd corners and negative spaces. How to derived proper light and ventilation with that check also, it give you feel secure and personal space in context. Try to find maximum usable area and compare and notice that your money not going in negative, unusual ,wasted of area, negative areas, etc,…in space.

Look for lavatory/sanitary are properly ventilated, direct natural light also one of the good character of good planning. Entrance, approach, emergency planning, in addition we also consider the flexibility of internal spaces, like re arranging space as per our requirement or relocation.

Supportive services(MEP) :

Other look out for support services, like plumbing, electrical, mechanical, fire, earthquake resistant, structural stability, etc,… all those services are not visible direct to our eyes but taken it to in consideration because all that things is combine with your day to day life and future, also.  If you have any doubt /query, and need some help/suggestion kindly write us with proper detail us. But kindly consider this conversation only and only friendly basis,there is no commercial aspect of this conversation nor criticize any body any way for our personal gain. We can try our best when and where on availability of time to help out as the best with our knowledge and expertise.

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That’s the basic but effective way to evaluating and DIY for Find out  Better and Suitable homes Space for you and your loved ones. If you have like, kindly share with yours and if some more suggestion please revert us.

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