How To Get Placed on the First Page of Google Search Results

How To Get Placed on the First Page of Google Search Results,… It is quite easy to determine or make out the most visited pages from their order of appearance in the search engines. The viewers want to satisfy their queries from the first page and don’t want to keep searching with the next pages. 

Search engines like Google use page ranks, quality of article (this is most important after Google Panda and Google Penguin update), backlinks and keywords to decide the order of appearances.

You can increase your ranking and get placed on the first page of Google Search Results by doing the following while developing your site.

How to Get Place on the First Page of Google Search Results?

How To Get Placed on the First Page of Google Search Results-
How To Get Placed on the First Page of Google Search Results-

Quality of article – This has become important priority to rank well after recent Google update, if you don’t have quality lengthy article then SEO alone cannot help your post to get ranked on first page. Write a quality post with minimum of 500 words and add relevant photos, screen-shots and video if you have.

Effective keywords – The most important step is the selection of keywords for your site. Relevant keywords will help the search of the viewers easy. Make use of Google AdWords to find out the common search queries that people type in and how much they are in use by other sites. Use keywords in headings, sub-headings and text of your article that reflect you and your business.

Relevant text – The text needs to be relevant and catchy. It must be informative with every detail. It should cater the queries of the viewers. Include sufficient keyword and phrase in your text so that it is not discarded when scanned by the search engines. But avoid overuse of keyword and phrase or else Google will ban your site for use of negative SEO. 2 to 3 times per page are enough or it may appear discouraging to the search engines.

Internal links – This technique will enhance the credibility of your site. It helps to increase the number of times your page is mentioned in the search engines links.

Sharing of content – You can approach to increase the number of external links to your site. Google also employs PageRank to understand the relevance of a site and its link to other pages.

Marketing through social media – You can share your site with social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.  It will help you to popularize your site and make use of SEO techniques and Internet Marketing.

Use of sitemap – Develop a sitemap and submit it to Google. Submit an XML sitemap on Google’s ‘Webmaster Tools‘ page which will help Google to know more about your site design and details.

Off-site optimization – This technique can be used to work outside of your site to make it more attractive and increase the number of visits.

The above suggestions can get you first page position in Google Search Results if youmake an intelligent use of these.

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