Mobile Network Problem Out of range In Normal Area

Mobile Network Problem Out of range In Normal Area, By good quickly get used to. Communication is available at home, in the car, on the subway. It lacks not only for the calls: you can easily afford to watch streaming video from the Internet. But sometimes suddenly lost signal. And not only in the deep woods, where it can be expected, but in quite unexpected places. In the country, in a recreation center, in an apartment home

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Mobile Network Problem Out of range In Normal Area

figuring out why and where lost cellular communications.

Terrain and weather events

Mobile Network Problem,

We have cellular coverage border – humanity has not yet provided a mobile communication, each square kilometer of the planet. The first thing worth to look at the coverage map for your carrier. These cards are not built by hand, using algorithms that take into account the distribution of the BS, their height above the ground, directional antennas and a number of other factors. Therefore, the situation “on the ground” may be different from expected, and in particular this applies to areas of “possible coverage.” For example, in a mountainous area covering will inevitably be uneven due to the peculiarities of the relief. On plain territory everything is easier, but even here there are some nuances.

Mobile Network Problem in City Area:

In the cities, the most common cause of deterioration or loss of cellular communication signal is a complex construction. Operators try to place the base station (BS) so that the coating was smooth as possible, but many buildings still often create an uncertain reception area. It does not always save even the installation ofthe femtocell . Another cellular radio “dislike” reinforced concrete structure with a large number of reinforcement in load-bearing structures.

When suddenly lost signal, it may be due to problems with the nearest BS. For example, the station is out of order, disconnected for the duration of the repair, the antenna is damaged fallen tree or pole he fell from the BS.

Winter is coming, and long heavy snowfall – another reason for disorders of cellular communication. They can disable the power lines feeding the base stations. Furthermore, any heavy rainfall absorb and scatter radiowaves. This is particularly noticeable in the range of 2 GHz or more, which is associated with the frequency of the resonant absorption of water at the level of 2450 MHz. Therefore, depending on the season of the signal level in the same location will be different. However, this is only true for the satellite communication systems. In reality, a linear relationship between the absorption coefficient in the atmosphere and intensity of rain exists only for the entire range of the centimeter and millimeter waves. UHF radio waves have almost no molecular absorption in the rain and snow. Torrential rain weakens the wi-fi signal range of 2.4 GHz with an intensity up to 0.05 dB / km, making a dense fog attenuation of 0.02 dB / km, and the forest (dense foliage, branches) – up to 0.5 dB / m. In the range of 5.6 GHz attenuation has a value of 0.5 dB / km.

Different Mobile Network Problem Factors:

Next to water, other things being equal the signal is better than land-based (no physical barriers). However, there are some complexities. Due to multiple reflections from the surface of the water may get into the Fresnel zone, variously affecting the signal . Fresnel Zones -. It is alternating in space highs and lows radio signal at its reception, which arise due to the interference of the radio signal


reflected signal is always present and is much weaker than the core, but they can not be ignored. The way in which signals are different from one another, and because of this, the signals coming to the receiving point with different phases. If their phases are different by a certain amount, the signals weaken each other mutually. There are cases where, depending on the location of the transmitting antenna and the parameters of the terrain caused the interference signal difference for tens of dB.

As noted in this article, the radius of the Fresnel zone for the transmission path or the minimum clearance to the obstacle is calculated as follows: h = ²√ [1/3 * D * λ * X / D * ( 1 – X / D)], where h – the value of “lumen», D – length of the track, X – length of the working radio waves, X – the distance to the obstacle point.You can not count the hands and with the help of special calculator to calculate the radius of the Fresnel zone in its widest part, and the radius of coverage desired tilt base station antenna.

The vagaries of the luminaries:


Solar flares also affect the communication: the disturbance of the Earth’s magnetosphere, arising from the interaction of rushing from the Sun of charged particles from the planet’s magnetic field may cause a malfunction.

The Bell Labs thought that about three weeks a year (a total of) the sun is so active that can interfere with the operation of communication equipment. Outbreaks affect the short-wave range, as well as communications satellites, causing interruptions in the telephone network, the transmission of television and radio signals.

The sun affects the power system from which, without exaggeration, everything depends. When the Sun reach the Earth’s emissions products, it provokes the appearance of induced currents in power lines and transformers, grounding between circuits. As a result, possible overload power systems and fan outputs of the system. Fortunately, powerful solar storms occur infrequently.

In 1859, ” Sunny superstorms ” (the most powerful in the history of observations of geomagnetic storm) caused the failure of telegraph systems worldwide. Northern Lights seen everywhere, even on the caribou.Over the Rocky Mountains glow it was so bright that the glow awoke gold miners . According to the study of ice samples taken in Antarctica, such intensity of storms recur on average every 500 years.

Less powerful storm, still can affect the communication system occur much more frequently they occurred in 1921, 1960 and 1989, when there was massive radio failures. In 1989, a small solar storm paralyzed the electrical network in the Canadian province of Quebec.

Even when the power of base stations is switched off, they are still a few hours of work by the batteries. Often this is enough to restore the power supply.

Everyone knows the problem with 3G and 4G in the India region. Five years ago, Zone covering all the major operators in the India region was as follows

In the center of this “desert” was the command post area EWS (satellite missile attack warning system). For a long time, the presence of military strategic object in the area prevented the operators. As a result, it failed to agree on the band allowed for the use of frequencies, but in India there are still many other military units, strategic objects, secret command posts, military airports and other locations close to where the smartphone can take badly.

Man-made noise


Sometimes the connection can be lost or severely degraded on “an equal place”. The reason there are objects that have their own electromagnetic field of high tension. For example, the transmission line. Not just SanPin regulate zones along power lines, are prohibited within residential construction. The power and size of the electromagnetic fields in the area, such that in the houses, standing on the boundary of the permissible area, even disconnected from the network wiring may be sensitive to beat shock if touched.

In any case, if a communication “something wrong” in the first place is worth refer a question to the service provider. Most often, technicians already know the reason, and if not – “dig down” to her.

We wish all communications without crashing!


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