The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Making Money Online

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Making Money Online,..Hey,hows going on?.So ur host Achintam karmakar is back with some cheeky ideas of Making money online!!!Yo Yo Yo… Sharks are u read to take ur earning to the next level and shifting the gear… Whenever u search on Google ,the way to “Make Money Online” u get around 1M results ..And that are really helpful bcoz everyone has their own mind of code in their writing and I really appreciate guys like that …But isn’t it going out of the topic???Yeah..HAHA…Whatever let’s be back on business!!!

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Making Money Online

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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Making Money Online -kadvacorp

So now u have search and came through many process giving tips to make money online but if am not wrong finally u stopped bcoz somewhere or the other something was missing for which after trying and trying and repeating the ways you finally failed… but this will not happen again..Bcoz the steps I will tell u will be explained thoroughly and in a friendly way which a small child will also understand

1 PPC(Pay Per click)

Now u can earn money by just clicking on ads…Yes u got me right,u can earn not only 5$ to 10$ but u can earn monthly 100$ and even more …Many sites are there those provide u with cash in return of your clicks on their ads and watching them for 5 to to 15sec…Some of this sites are:-,, and many more…After u visit they will instruct u step by step to finally make money online!And U can take ur earning to the next level by referring persons to your site’s.!!!

2 Buying And Selling Domains!!!

While working to PTC website u can also increase ur earning by buying domains and keeping them for 5-6years and then selling it according to its RANK,DA,it’s traffic and many more.

3 Offering Services.

U can also earn money by offering services to people which u r expert in…!Such as u can give tutitions , design Website&logo,providing Backlink,and many more which u can do with ease

4 Sponsorship !!!

U can also make Good money by this process but takes little patient,hard work and motivation. For this u need to make a website or blog o In a particular niche and work on it till be gets place on the heart of Google.

Now once it get popular and u have 1M and more visitors daily then u can make space on our blog for advertisers to run ad..For this u can charge the money u want to display their ad…Like this u can make huge sum of money through running ads.

5 Fiverr

Yes..Fiverr !!!U got me right..U can earn huge money through this Site.All u need to do is open a account on it and then post a gig which u r expert at and when any person search for that particular gig and land on your profile and get pleased ,he or she will give u order to do the work and if u could complete your the assign task on time and properly then ur client will love it.Once they love it they will review it and like this people will come an review and once u earn the reputation the u rock..They u can earn even $200+ daily.

6 Selling Adsense !!!

Once you r have got your Adsense account approved and reached a sum of 10$ then google will verify it.This is know as Adsense verified account.Now after getting your account verified u can sell it at your desired amount (Max 10k)….Like this u can make 5-6figure sums per month

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