Cashing in on Creativity: 6 Online Business Ideas For Creative Grads

Cashing in on Creativity: 6 Online Business Ideas For Creative Grads,… When you graduate from college, you are inundated by endless possibilities and endless stressors. Entering the job market is nerve-wracking in any year, but especially during a global pandemic.

If you are an innovative grad looking to start an online business this summer, let’s explore a few crafty ideas to help you jumpstart your imagination and make some extra cash with your creativity!

Cashing in on Creativity: 6 Online Business Ideas For Creative Grads

Cashing in on Creativity: 6 Online Business Ideas For Creative Grads –

1.  Start A Personal Blog

Do you have a passion for storytelling? Or perhaps you have a specific skill you’d like to pass on to others? A wonderful idea for any creative graduate is to start and monetize a blog.

Starting a blog is easy (and free!) and once you settle into your niche you can begin to make money from writing about your travels, sharing recipes, DIY home improvement secrets, or uncovering tech hacks for your readers. Whatever you’re interested in, there is a community of like-minded individuals online who want to learn from and discuss your passion with you.

2.  Sell Crafts Online

Do you love sewing, crocheting, or woodworking? Do you have a passion for crafting handmade presents for friends and relatives during the holidays? Take your hobby and turn it into a successful business when you market and sell your crafts online!

Create an account on an online craft marketplace like Etsy and share your creations with the world. The best way to stand out among the other sellers is to brand your creations by designing labels. When you personalize your crafts with custom cotton labels featuring your brand name and logo, you’ll be on your way to achieving a professional and memorable look that is sure to delight customers and turn a profit.

3.  Offer Web Design Services

After you’ve created your own website to stand out as a creative professional in the post-grad world, consider offering your services to others! Web design is great remote or freelance work that you can do on your computer while you travel, apply to grad school, or search for your perfect job.

In 1992, there were only 10 websites on the internet. Today there are almost 2 billion websites out there. Chances are, one of these websites wants your professional design services!

4.  Start a Graphic Design Business

Did you ever see a website, logo, or magazine layout that caught your eye? You have a graphic designer to thank for that! If you have an eye for symmetry and a mind for branding, consider advertising your services as a graphic designer.

You don’t need a specific degree in design to do this; there are free Adobe tutorials online that walk you through Illustrator and Photoshop so you can begin to create a portfolio and get noticed as a graphic designer.

5.  Create A Digital Course

If you have a specialized skill to share with the world, a great way to share your abilities and monetize your skill is by creating a digital course. Help others learn and earn money from your expertise by teaching what you know online. You can self-publish your course on Amazon, or promote it through an email list on your blog!

6.  Start Your Own YouTube Channel

Are you a charismatic individual who blossoms in front of the camera? Much like the digital course option mentioned above, you can share just about anything you’re interested in when you create a YouTube channel.

Whether it’s makeup techniques or tech recommendations, there is someone who wants to take part in your knowledge! If you’ve followed tip #1, and started a website or blog, becoming a vlogger is also a great way to attract additional traffic to your site.No matter what your specialty is, there is a market for your creative abilities and interests. Whether you want to sell knitted scarves on Etsy or compare the latest tech gadgets on YouTube, what’s important is that you get started! Chase the post-grad blues away by investigating one of these crafty online business ideas for creative college graduates.

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