Is it safer to use financial apps for iOS rather than Android?

In the era of technology, mobile platforms have been assigned an important role. Right now mobile apps are dominating the market and while PCs and laptops are still used, mobile phones have found different usage.

When we talk about smartphones there are 2 main giants: iOS and Android systems. They compete with each other in numerous ways. As FX trading has evolved notably, it is also possible to download financial apps on both of these devices. However, some people think that iOS is better than Android in terms of safety. In this article we will have a closer look at this topic and discuss which one you should use for trading.

iOS vs Android,


Before we move to safety, it is necessary to mention that not every financial app is available on the iOS system, while Android supports almost every app that you can use for trading. This is a major advantage for the Android system. There are a lot of customers who express discontent when it comes to downloading financial apps.

Forex is a field that requires extreme attention, so all the necessary tools should be available. As you can check on this site all of the apps provided by brokerage websites are available on Android, while iOS could be omitted. Because of that you need to be alert when selecting the apps.

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iOS Has a Closed Ecosystem

All Apple electronics are part of a closed ecosystem. This means that the Cupertino controls absolutely everything from hardware to software.

Of course, this is not always convenient, and there are users who are not satisfied with such closeness. But from a security point of view, there are advantages to this approach.

Firstly, only the App Store is available for downloading applications to owners of Apple phones and tablets. This limitation almost completely eliminates the possibility of downloading applications from third-party sources that may contain malware. In that case you can protect yourself from unnecessary apps.

When you buy an Apple device, you get a clean copy of iOS without any add-ons.

As far as Android is concerned, this OS is almost never found in its pure form. Smartphone manufacturers are modifying it to a great extent. For the user experience, this may be a plus, but minor vulnerabilities resulting from the modification endanger a huge number of devices. And the longer these vulnerabilities remain unnoticed, the greater the damage.

Updates are Regular on iOS

IOS updates are distributed faster than Android. It is a fact. When a new version of iOS is released, all Apple customers (at least those with not too old devices) get the opportunity to install it. iOS 14, released in September 2020, was installed on more than 90% of Apple phones in just 6 months.

Due to its open source nature, Android is updated differently. When the next update comes out, it is not Google who distributes it: smartphone manufacturers and telecom operators must provide access to it. The process is slow.

On iOS, each app works in isolation from the rest. This principle is called sandboxing. The interaction between different applications remains, but they are severely limited.

There is no sandbox in Android. When installing an application on an Android device, the user himself has the right to determine how much permissions to grant him. In words, everything is reliable, but in reality, nothing prevents a malicious program from ignoring a ban on access to a camera, microphone, or something else.

This is not to say that Google made a serious mistake by taking this approach. It’s just that the creators of Android wanted their system to remain open and made a conscious trade-off between security and usability.

But when it is argued that iOS is more secure, the fact of the sandbox is invariably mentioned among the arguments.

Verdict – Which One is Better?

Overall it depends on a particular trader, which is the most suitable platform for him or her. There are no specific concerns about the safety of either iOS or Android. If treated properly and avoiding all malwares, both of these smartphones can prove to be useful when it comes to trading. We think that iOS has a slight advantage over its counterpart.

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