Apple Attacks Android Market Share with Move to iOS App

Although Apple is clearly the leading brand on the mobile phone and tablet market in the United States, the global market share of its mobile operating system is far behind Android.

No wonder – Apple is the only one that sells iOS powered devices, while Android can be found on a variety of handsets, from the cheapest Chinese knockoffs to the most secure and expensive flagships.

Apple Attacks Android Market Share with Move to iOS App

Apple Attacks Android Market Share with Move to iOS App-

Apple has actively encouraged Android users to switch to the iPhone in the past by offering them step by step guides to move their content, accounts, and everything else to iOS, but now it has gone one step further: it has revealed an app, plainly called “Move to iOS”, which will do the job wirelessly.

Using a smartphone will fill it with bits and pieces of information about you and help you better adapt to your needs., making sure it runs the app – or load the browser-based games – even faster. and it will even help you make deposits easier and faster through the Gstate of the art mobile interface filled with over 100 games to play.

And it will keep you up to date with the latest additions to its game library, as well as all the specials that may appear.

What Move to iOS will do is transfer all the essential information, like contacts, calendar entries, email and social media accounts as well as media from an Android to an iOS 9 device over the air.

Besides, it will help fresh iOS users populate their app library: the free apps will be automatically downloaded on the iPhone or iPad involved. When it comes to paid apps, though, things get a little more complicated – these will be searched for in Apple’s App Store and added to the user’s wishlist automatically.

The app itself was not yet released, only mentioned in a recent keynote, but the message it transmits is clear: although the manufacturer is opening toward other platforms, releasing its new music service on Android, for example, its main priority will always be growing the community of Apple iOS users.

Move to iOS was just one of the things Apple has announced through its WWDC Keynote a few days ago.

They have also unveiled the new version of their Mac OS X operating system, upgrading both user experience and performance, Apple Wallet, an app to store credit card information and store loyalty cards in one place, Apple News, an app similar to Flipboard, transit directions in Apple Maps, what many say is their first step toward turning the Maps app into a competitor for Google’s Street View, the new version of their watchOS, which will give developers access to the Apple Watch’s crown sensor, Taptic Engine and digital crown, the new Apple CarPlay interface, and the new Apple Music service which will take on the likes of Spotify.

The fight for the supremacy on the mobile operating system market is far from being over. Google prepares its new Android OS, Apple fights back with its iOS 9, and Microsoft will also release a new mobile OS this year. It will surely be an interesting year for mobile owners, don’t you think?

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