The Future of Currency Exchange: Exploring the Rise of Zero Forex Cards

Traveling internationally often involves dealing with multiple currencies, exchange rates, hidden fees, and other complexities when making payments or withdrawals.

Carrying wads of foreign cash or relying solely on credit cards can be inconvenient and costly.

Multi-currency forex cards, also known as prepaid travel cards, allow travelers to load multiple currencies into one card before a trip.

Leading fintech company Niyo has launched an innovative digital bank account called Niyo Global that aims to simplify overseas spending for Indian travelers.

Let’s explore the features and uses of this promising new offering.

Forex Card,

The Emergence of Zero Forex Cards

Traditionally, forex cards charged a foreign exchange markup fee ranging from 3-5% on every international transaction made using the card.

This markup covered currency conversion charges, processing fees, and other hidden costs that quickly added up.

Niyo Global has the groundbreaking feature of a zero forex card for international spending.

When you use the Niyo Global card abroad, you only pay the base exchange rate set by VISA without any arbitrary bank charges.

This pricing transparency and elimination of excess fees is an industry-first innovation.

It can lead to massive savings for frequent international travellers, whether for leisure, education or business.

Key Features of Niyo Global

Let’s look at some of the other helpful features that make Niyo Global a frontrunner among forex cards:

  • Load in INR, Spend Globally: You can conveniently load the card in Indian Rupees without worrying about foreign currencies. The loaded amount automatically converts into the local currency when paying abroad or shopping online.
  • Zero Balance, High-Interest Account: It is a savings account with no minimum balance needs and up to 7.5% interest earning on stored amounts.
  • Real-time Notifications: The Niyo app allows you to get instant alerts on transactions, spending, and balance updates right on your phone.
  • Enhanced Security: Temporarily lock your card or block online/POS/ATM transactions with a few taps when not required. Prevents misuse.
  • Complimentary Lounge Access: Signature debit cardholders enjoy free access to airport lounges in India and global destinations.

Ease of Getting Niyo Global Card

Niyo has designed a 100% digital and paperless application process for a zero forex card. You can download the Niyo app and complete video KYC verification in minutes. Below are the quick steps:

  • Submit basic details like name, contact info, PAN, and Aadhaar.
  • Capture a selfie video for instant Aadhaar-based approval.
  • Make an initial fund transfer to activate your Forex card account and receive an e-card.
  • Physical Signature Card gets delivered within 5-7 working days. Activate and start using internationally.

A multi currency forex card benefits students moving abroad for higher education.

Niyo Global helps pay admission fees, accommodation charges and regular expenses at zero exchange rate conversion cost.

Parents can easily transfer money online into the card account anytime.


Niyo Global aims to revolutionize consumer banking by offering the most cost-effective and transparent way for Indians to spend overseas without any hidden fees.

Combining the strengths of a secure VISA-powered card, zero forex markup pricing, lifestyle privileges like airport lounge access, and an online investment platform, this new-age offering packs a punch for global Indians.

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