Emsisoft Anti Malware with Two Scan engine will Guard your PC

Hackers these days are in a bid to always search new ways and means to penetrate into our systems and get access to all personal data. And yes, our personal data includes our bank account details, credit card details, passwords, and so on and so forth.

Emsisoft Anti Malware with Two Scan engine will Guard your PC

Emsisoft Anti Malware with Two Scan engine will Guard your PC –

Some of these details might be stored at one or the other locations on your hard drive (eg: passwords). So, it could be like a piece of cake for hackers to get access to your data and misuse it.

Hackers around the world usually steal such data via keyloggers that might be secretly hidden by them in your computer. Such files usually make a log file of all your keystrokes and send them to the hacker. These processes might be running in the background and you might not even know!

To prevent your personal data from being leaked out to the hackers and to ensure total privacy of your online presence an Antivirus is a must! Perhaps, you also need to protect your computer from trojans, malware, etc.

Today, we bring to you, Emsisoft anti-malware, which ensures total protection for your system. We installed in on our Virtual Machine on Mac and we would like to recommend it to our readers as well!

The name suggests ‘Anti-malware’, how well could this protect your systems? Let’s find out!

What does Emsisoft have to offer you?

Emsisoft offers protection to your system from malware, trojan, key-loggers, viruses, etc. It scans  your system in real time. During this process it will be automatically updated in the background. Your anti-virus will be updated several times in the background and you might not even know. You don’t have to always check for updates and update it manually.

The most important aspect about Emsisoft is, it has two scanning engines. One is their own and other is from BitDefender. BitDefender is a trusted name in the field of anti-malware softwares. Thus, you get the good of two at the price of one! This provides a faster scanning time as well.

There’s also an option to try out a 30-day free trial. So, you have the option to continue using if you are well satisfied.

Trial option doesn’t provide real time scanning. Of course, some good things do not come for free!

The UI

The user interface is very simple and intuitive. It makes Emsisoft easy to use.

There’s a menu button to the left which will provide you with a drop down option with quick links to their features like Security status, Scan your PC, Quarantine, View logs, Configure Emsisoft.

Security status displays details regarding any malware detected. It also gives you the information about the current version of Emsisoft and updates if available.

Different scanning options are available herein.

  • Quick Scan: Scans all places where the probability of a malware existing is more.
  • Smart Scan: It will scan your entire system thoroughly, and if a malware is found, the Deep scan will be initiated.
  • Deep Scan: As the name suggests, it is a comparatively longer process as it will scan all the files that exist in your system.
  • Custom Scan: This option gives you the freedom to choose what to scan.
  • Quarantine: This option will isolate the infected files from the system by placing it in a different folder and prevent it from attacking the rest of the system.
  • Logs: This system maintains a record of all previous sessions of scanning done.

What we Like?

  • Two scanning engines are involved in the protection of your system. This can ensure faster scanning and has a greater probability of detecting the threats faster.
  • One of the two scanning engines is from BitDefender, which is a very trusted name in malware protection. Thus, this combination provides all the features of high end anti-virus.
  • You can also block suspicious websites using Surf protection feature. Basically, this feature will block access to those websites where the risk of contracting a virus is high.
  • Cost per year is $39.95 and will work on Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8. If you’re insisting for a free trial, you can use this with your existing antivirus and it would work well with that too.
  • As per your experiences, at a later stage, you can choose between Emsisoft and your existing antivirus.
  • There is an anti-malware network , which we had issues opening the site (at 8:55pm IST), but it shows all the suspicious and bad files that have been reported latest.

What we Dislike?

There is no Mac version of this utility, but that, we think does not matter as such since Apple themselves patch any vulnerabilities and there have been not more than 5 reported cases of malware infections.

Final Verdict

You get two scanning engines at the cost of one. Combination of the two is excellent and will provide high end features at a low cost. Hence, we would definitely recommend this anti-malware. Out of the millions of protection utilities available on the internet, this is one which you could vouch on for keeping viruses and malware at bay.

You can visit Emsisoft website to check their other utilities like Internet Security as well. Download the Trial Version and if you are satisfied, the premium license costs just $40, which is a minimal investment to protect your system worth more than $300.

Do let us know your experiences regarding Emsisoft Anti malware. If you liked it, you might as well spread the word by sharing the post!

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