Modern Modular Home Go Eco Friendly in Maryland

Eco Friendly Modern Modular Home by Robert M. Gurney,  designing the Modular One House in suburban Washington, D.C. This Modern Modular Home Built as a spec house for a developer, this prefab house in Bethesda, Md., is a modern, light-filled version of the typical modular home. Many of us could easy be confused and thinking that this modern house was custom built house. But Cool modern modular home display its contemporary look.

What is a Modern Modular Home?

modern modular home,

In constriction of this contemporary modular one house, Thirteen modules shape the house, which was built in two weeks, shipped to the site and assembled in just two days. Polished concrete floors and the concrete basement were laid while the shells were being manufactured.

This modular home have their own architectural language, with proper interconnected spaces, in coordination with modular planning. All interior finishes give modern look and contemporary cozy comfort feel.

Modern Modular Home Go Eco Friendly in Maryland by Robert M. Gurney (6)

geothermal HVAC system and plenty of insulation ensure climate control. The client chose finishes including maple flooring, walnut mill work and aluminum stairs. On the outside, the modular house showcases a mix of corrugated metal siding, stucco and Spanish cedar.

The potential buyer wanted a modern modular home with lots of natural light. Large windows make this wish come true, alongside clever space partitioning. It worked out for the builder, too, since its portfolio had previously lacked a modern house.

[Photos by Maxwell MacKenzie]

Modern Modular Home Pictures

modern modular home,

This modern modular home, work as a showcase house for builder for their future project, but architect give their best to create, a good living space with nature. Indoor and outdoor spaces give their own identity with functionality. Have a threads on the design of modern modular home, share with us bellow.

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