Half Hourly Meters 101

If you want accurate billing, start with correct billing. If your business is energy-intensive, it’s important to get accurate metering. You should monitor your metering. That’s where half-hourly meters come in. Designed to give you accurate metering, half-hourly meters can help you monitor your energy usage.

Ideal for both small and big businesses, half-hourly meters will capture the usage of electricity in your company. The following information will help you understand the concept of half-hourly meters and how they can be used to achieve accurate metering. Keep reading!.

Half Hourly Meters 101

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Half Hourly Meters 101 –

The Basics

These meters are designed to capture and record electricity data every after 30 minutes. These meters relay the information to the supplier instantly. What this means is that the supplier will receive this data and give you accurate bills. Consequently, these meters are designed to reduce the chances of incorrect metering and billing.

The Good Side

With half hourly meters, you can tailor your explicit contract to fit into your company’s needs, preferences, and budget. Thus, you have complete control over how much you will pay.

For instance, it can allow you to set an exact value to pay. With this budget certainty, you can plan ahead and run your business without any difficulties.

Who Should Get Half Hourly Meters?

Half-hour meters help you have control over energy bills. In most cases, a company that may operate of peak electricity demand (i.e., more than 100KVA) should opt for this metering arrangement. However, be sure to assess your business’s energy demand before opting for this arrangement. 

Look at your past bills. How are your recent bills looking like? Are they too high?


If you have moved into a new premise, it’s important to understand the billing arrangement. In most cases, most companies don’t realize that they are getting into hourly billing arrangements. Utility Bidder advises customers to check the recent billing. What is the supply number?

According to experts, if the supply number (which is usually denoted as S) begins with 00, then it means that you are in a half-hourly metering arrangement.

Lower Usage

Half hourly metering is not a preserve for companies with high usage. In some cases, a company with lower usage can opt for this option. This is because they want accurate billing. Thus, if you want to manage electricity usage in your company, think about half-hourly billing.

How Does It Work?

These meters rely on automation technology. This makes it easy to relay data on a real-time basis. Thus, you don’t have to submit data readings to your supplier. Mostly, these meters leverage internet connection and phone lines to submit these pieces of data.

The Bottom-Line

It’s the wish of any business to lower electricity bills. You can only achieve this by getting accurate bills. Remember, inaccurate metering can cost you a lot of money. That’s where a half-hourly meter comes in. The above guide is designed to help business owners understand the importance of half-hourly meters. 

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