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15 Small Bathrooms Full of Good Ideas

Proof of this is the selection of small bathrooms that we show below. These are projects signed by architects and interior designers who created smart solutions to leave everything in place. But you don’t have to let limited space stop you from living large.

Before you throw in the towel and call a broker to help you find a new place, consider these words of wisdom: All you need to make your small bathroom look as good (and work as hard) as its much larger counterparts are some strategic styling tips and a can-do attitude. Here, we’ve rounded up easy storage and styling solutions that’ll make you forget how small your bathroom actually is. Check out!

15 small bathrooms full of good ideas

When the Color changes everything

light neutral tones in bathroom,

Small bathrooms are not only decorated in light neutral tones. The most vibrant colors are very welcome, as in this project by Studio Livia Amendola. Here, subway tiles in turquoise color made the space happier. Note that the claddings were placed vertically, which created a feeling of greater ceiling height. 

subway tiles in turquoise color,

In this project by the Rafael Ramos office, the top cabinet is behind the mirror, which takes advantage of the space and goes up to the ceiling. Upholstery in mirror cabinetry is a good way to create a feeling of spaciousness in your small bathroom.

Sliding door

sliding door in bathroom cabinets,

Betting on sliding doors in small bathroom cabinets is a good way to save space. In this project, signed by Tesak Arquitetura, the closet door runs from one side to the other, revealing or covering the part necessary for use.

Different Painting

multi color in bathroom,

If the idea is to bring more personality to the bathroom, why not bet on a different painting? Currently, paint brands offer specific products for wet areas, including. In this project by GG Arquitetura , the wall outside the shower was painted in three colors. Inside the box, the roof was painted black. 

Compact parts

Compact parts,

Architect Bruno Moraes chose very compact pieces to assemble this small bathroom. Note that the faucet, tub, litter bin, and lamp have a discreet design and fit perfectly into the space. 

Niches on the wall

Niches on the wall,

From the Nop Architecture office, this bathroom has a niche built into the shower area. This feature is interesting for small spaces because, in addition to creating a harmonic look, it prevents the resident from bumping into a possible shelf while taking a shower.

Wide mirror

Wide mirror,

It’s not because the bathroom is small that the mirror needs to be compact. In this environment, for example, the architect Paula Muller used a mirror that occupies almost the entire wall, creating a feeling of spaciousness. In addition, it is more comfortable for the resident when it comes to getting ready after a shower.

Material mix

Material mix,

Signed by Up 3 Arquitetura, this small bathroom oozes style. Inside the box, wood covers the floor, wall, and ceiling. The black metals, as well as the stone on the bench, bring even more personality to the space, which has a wall covered with porcelain that imitates the texture of burnt cement .

Provencal charm

Provencal charm,

For this bathroom, architect Marina Romeiro chose white finishes and light wood for the joinery, creating a Provençal atmosphere in the space. The light palette brings delicacy and makes the environment seem larger.

Hinged door

Hinged door,

The hinged door saves space in this small bathroom area. The idea was thought of by professionals at the Nop Arquitetura office, who also designed a large cupboard under the sink and a mirror that occupies a large part of the wall, taking advantage of every corner of this environment.

Enjoy the walls

Enjoy the walls,

In this small bathroom, the professionals of the GG Architecture office used the walls to install everything the resident needed. Note the towel rack over the toilet. The piece also has a high shelf, where you can store everyday items.

Demarcated box

Demarcated box,

In this bathroom, created by the Nop Architecture office, light colors predominate, which bring a feeling of spaciousness. Despite this, the professionals chose to leave the shower area well marked, with a black metalwork box. 

All snapped together

All snapped together,

In this small bathroom, designed by Gabriel Cordeiro Arquitetura , the joinery occupies all the available space without leaving the heavy environment. That’s because professionals designed open and closed cabinets. All in neutral colors. 

Half wall

Half wall,

Architect  Marcela Wandenkolk has added color to this small bathroom through the blue cladding, which covers up to half of the wall – the rest has been painted in white. The cabinet was also covered in blue laminate, in the same shade as the tile.

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