Social Media Management made Easy with Buffer

Why Social Media Analytics?

The consumers use various Social Media Platforms to communicate with the Brands. And this list of channels is increasing every day. So if a consumer has a complaint, a log in using even over a mobile phone can help them post their grievances, reviews or even suggestions if any, on the Product Page or website.

Social Media Management made Easy with Buffer

Social Media Management made Easy with Buffer –

It is therefore of immense importance, that the Product Brands and service providers listen to their customers and pay close attention to whatever the consumers’ needs and requirements are.  This is of utmost importance especially because the communication between the Brand and the consumer is not confined to a one way communication mode only.

So, if on one hand, the communication channel and frequency between the Product /Service provider and the consumer has increased, the challenge to attend to each one of the customers is ever over whelming. This is why instead of assessing each individual review or comment, a method to consolidate data and sentiments, and then to interpret meaningful figures out of the consolidated data, definitely help the Brands in taking informed decisions.

The Most Effective Tool for Social Media Analytics

The major question that arises here is the tool or the system in place which needs to be used in order to consolidate data and then churn out some meaningful information out of it. This is where Social Media Analytics comes into play.

Considering every business; be it big or small needs to target the right customer with a right product, Social Media Analytics becomes unignorably an important part of the digital media strategy aimed at targeting the right set of customers.

The availability of Social Media Analytics determines the return on investments made and also supports decision making.  There are some platforms that can help any enterprise ascertain the followers and the target groups. If looking for the right application is the problem, then there is absolutely no need to look beyond Buffer.

A fully optimised and managed mobile friendly tool which can give real-time insights by monitoring social media performances, Buffer not only identifies the key influencers but also recognises the trends, within the valuable content, in order to promote engagement.

With a variety of four packages to choose from, each plan is completely scalable and is based on the individuals monitoring needs. The added online support, tutorials, telephonic assistance and email support make it completely accessible and user friendly.

Supported equally well on web based and Mobile based apps, it is perfectly suited for Enterprises of all sizes. North Social and HootSuite may be considered the competitors but the ease of use and the features of Buffer available, beat the competition completely!

Some of the unique features offered by Buffer can greatly influence the business and a suggested application of Buffer to track the progress of the followers and tapping more fans is greatly recommended. Acting on the latest trends and sentiments on local media some unique features of Buffer which can help businesses greatly are:-

1. Associating effective Brand Advocates:

Identification of influencers is very critical to the success of the social media campaign. Apart from adding credibility to the brand, the word-of-mouth marketing helps in engaging the audience. Buffer lets you search for the biggest brand advocates to promote your enterprise.

2. Anytime anywhere access:

Because Buffer is fully optimised on the mobile phone, the need to carry the laptop at all times to gauge the performance is completely eliminated. Practically, a user can login at anytime from anywhere using a mobile phone.

3. A Single Dashboard for Multiple Platforms:

Buffer is one of few social media monitoring companies which provide a single dashboard, from where fan growth, and various social media platforms can be assessed even if campaigns are being run on different platforms. So now, there is no need to open four tabs for checking four growth charts. It can all be found on one screen!

4. Analysing Competitors:

Curious to know the performance of the competitors? A URL of the social media accounts will do the job!

5. Maintaining Content and Analytics:

Worried about the choice of the content that works the best on different social platforms? Buffer allows the fine tuning of the posts on social networks. Buffer also allows connecting with the Instagram Account and sort photos and comments along with Follower growth.

Let’s take a look at what the user can see once the login has been successful. The first thing that will capture the user’s attention is:-

The Dashboard

The first thing that can be noticed about Buffer is the ability to collate data from many different platforms and present it on “One Dashboard”. This saves a lot of time consumed by switching between different platforms and profiles. The performance can be tracked and analyzed for platforms such as:

• Facebook


• Youtube

• Instagram

In fact,Buffer is ahead of its league when it comes to tracking performance of Instagram. If on one hand, the weekly and monthly charts assessing performance, the dashboard also has post wide analytics to strategise content and better understanding of the updates.

The Interface

User friendly and clean, separate sections for notifications, conversations, analytics and influencers are accessible. The shared information is easy to understand and analyse Insights.

Now, the Facebook Analytics Dashboard seems to be similar to Facebook Insights, but only the useful charts are displayed. And the best part is that these charts are not as complex as the Insights. The broad spaced layout also is very easy on the eyes and does not clutter the interface. And because it is completely optimised for mobile phones, seamless viewing of charts and trends is possible.

The Influencers

Buffer also helps in focusing more on identifying influencers and connecting with them. Based on the interactions, the tool helps in identifying the most loyal ones. By filtering and segregating them, strong relations are built with them and this in turn is very beneficial for the word of mouth publicity that a user can gain. Alternatively, this could also serve as the Influencer campaign.


A neat dashboard and easy navigation makes it very convenient for use. Too much probing is not needed for insightful data. The tool is robust and very helpful. So be it a beginner, an intermediate or an expert, using the tool is amazing. Definitely worth a try! Give it a shot, at least beginning with the free plan and after the benefits are evaluated, the subscription can be upgraded.

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