Flyzoo: Create The Perfect Chat for your Community

Flyzoo is a live chatting script or you may say a plugin. By this script, you can enable live chat on your blog and website. It supports WordPress, Joomla, BuddyPress and many another platform. You can use this plugin(script) on your blog for live support or for group chat. You can customise chat option too.

Flyzoo: Create The Perfect Chat for your Community –

Why use Flyzoo: Live chat?

Why use live chat plugin software to your blog? Yes, here I am giving some answer that will convince you to use Flyzoo as Live chat software or plugin for your blog/website.

Customer Service: As I have seen on many blog and website, for contacting to the owner user has to submit the contact form, but now by using live chat user can chat live with support team or admin of blog. So you can create customer service.

Authority: If you are using live chat support or customer support on your blog or website then your blog looks more professional, that will gain more authority of your blog/website.

Brand: If you are using live customer support on your blog/website and any customer getting quick help then your branding is raising day by day and customer by customer. That one customer create one or more customer for your website.

Features of  Flyzoo live chat

  • Many chatting options: You can enable many chat option. Flyzoo provides private chat, group chat and also chat rooms. So according to the need you enable all that.
  • Responsive: Flyzoo is responsive live chatting plugin or software. It supports all kind of devices like Laptop, smartphones and tablet.
  • Customisable: You can customise this software and can make good looking for your website and blog.
  • File sharing: Wow, This plugin also provide easy and effective file sharing for the community.
  • Real Time Visitor monitoring: You can monitor real-time visitor. That mean you can see who are currently cheating.
  • Advance Chat Moderation: You can ignore messages. Ban users and have more option for flexible use of Flyzoo live chatting.
  • Translation: Live Chatting is available in more than 20+ languages. Even if you are not getting your own language contact to the Flyzoo they will integrate your language also without any other cost.
  • Cloud Based:  It is hosted on the cloud server. So for message delivery it uses cloud platform so there is no any extra load on your blog/website hosting. Due to a cloud, server message is delivered quickly.
  • 24×7 Customer support: If you are getting any problem with your Flyzoo plugin or software, then a dedicated team is ready 24×7 to fix your issue.

Note: Chat encryption is also available for SSL website.

How to integrate with your Blog/Website?

Simply go to Flyzoo website, and enter your domain name in the box as above. Then proceed by clicking Add a chat to your WordPress, BuddyPress or Joomla community. You can start your free trial for 14 days. There is no need to fill out the details of your credit card, which is the best part!

That mean you can use this awesome live chat software on your blog for 14 days without any cost. Once you feel that this is going to make your reader base more interactive and helpful, you can go ahead and purchase the full license.

We are definitely going to implement Flyzoo on this website in near future and I recommend you to check them out once. Let me know your thoughts on this plugin in the comments below.

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