Social Media Tactics To Boost Your Shares & Conversions

Of all the effective marketing techniques available in the world today, social media takes the pride of place. Being active on social media is not enough. It is more important to engage with your social media contacts. We share 30 social media engagement tactics that can help to boost your shares and improve conversions. These are time-tested tactics that have worked for many.

1. Share your videos

Statistics show that the users of the most popular social media channels Facebook and Twitter view a lot of video content every single day. You can upload your videos and have your finger in the pie. The question is how to create the video. A simple smartphone should be enough. Having an engaging story to go along with the video should do wonders to boost your social media engagement.

2. Do not forget to tag people on social media

People love appreciation. Tagging your guest bloggers is one of the best ways to recognize their contribution. You can create a quote graphic using the simple tools available on the internet. Tag the people you want to thank. This can improve your social media engagement.

3. Social media curation

Curating social media content is one of the best ways of engaging with people. This can help you convert your leads into business. This is a fine way of acknowledging the efforts of others. You can use the CoSchedule Chrome Extension, an effective content curation tool.

4. Scheduling your messages is important

Be aware of the times when your audience is most likely to use social media. Time your posts accordingly to get more engagement.

5. Use emotion as your trump card

Headlines are very important. You can say a lot of things using emotional headlines. People love to read emotional content. The ‘How to’, ‘Lists’, and the ‘Question – answer’ headlines are the best for getting social media fans.

6. Improve your frequency of posting

Everyone knows that they should increase the frequency of their social media engagement. However, the question is “How often is enough?” It depends from channel to channel. One Facebook post can do the job while you might need 15 Twitter posts to replicate the same effect.

7. Repeat your posts multiple times for greater effect

Statistics show that you can get 32% more clicks when you share your social media posts on more than one occasion. That should be a fantastic increase for a start.

8. Make intelligent use of hashtag

Hashtags have great significance in social media channels such as Twitter. You can increase the engagement rate with intelligent use of the hashtag. They have use on sites such as Pinterest and Instagram.

9. Use memes and GIF animations for better conversion

Having a sense of humor always helps to improve your social media engagement. Memes and animated GIFs can infuse lot of humor in your posts.

10. Standalone messages are equally effective

Recent trends show that standalone messages with an inspirational graphic can help to boost your shares and conversions. Posting such messages can be beneficial.

11. Take advantage of nostalgia

Sharing your evergreen content can bring back great memories to your audiences. This can play a great role in doubling your organic reach.

12. Share popular content

There is always some content that people never tire of watching. Sharing such content can always have a positive effect. You can boost your shares easily.

13. Creating groups is a good idea

Creating special groups in social media channels like Facebook allows you to share content in a specific niche easily. This can be the best platform to share information.

14. Hosting chats can improve your engagement

People love to chat online. Hosting a chat on a platform such as Twitter can bring in a lot of audience. Scheduling it in advance is great for all members.

15. Share Infographics on Pinterest

Infographics are extremely popular on Pinterest. Give importance to the visuals by concentrating on the 2:3 aspect ratios as they command the highest shares.

16. Join Forums

Joining social groups or forums is the easiest way to give your opinions. You can learn a lot by interacting with fellow members. Participation is more important than promoting products in the forums.

17. Hold Q&A sessions for better engagement

People love to ask questions and seek clarifications. The social media can be the best place to do so. This is the right occasion to promote your products and clarify the doubts that people have.

18. Initiate contests

Holding contests and promoting healthy competition is a sure way of getting social media fans. Hosting social media contests can improve the number of likes thereby boosting your conversion rates.

19. Conducting surveys is the trend today

It is human nature to force their opinion down the throats of others. The polls and surveys on social media platforms is the best way to boost engagement levels.

20. Chatting on Twitter is a nice idea

Image Source: Buffer Blog

Posting your comments on Twitter is very common. Participating in Twitter chats can take the engagements to the next level leading to conversion.

21. Doling incentives always pays

You can entice people to share your posts by giving them incentives to do so. This is a nice way to build your reputation.

22. Induce followers to engage

People have a very low attention span. Statistics show that the average attention span is only 20 seconds per person. You have to cash in on this window of opportunity. Inducing people to engage fruitfully is a nice way of boosting your shares. A call to action is the right way to do so.

23. Make it easy for people

People engage more when they find it easy to do so. Allow people to share content with a single click. Help people to find you on social media.

24. Be thorough and quick in responding

It should not take much time for you to respond on comments made on your social media. This will give the impression that you are very active on the media.

25. Involve yourself in social issues

You can find hundreds of discussions on social issues on social media. Involving yourself with the meaning ones is beneficial.

26. Look out for new followers

Use the tools available on Twitter to find new followers based on common interests. Expanding your base is a good way of improving social media engagement.

27. Improve your conversational skills

Try to prolong the conversations on social media. Keep the channel open by asking questions and offering to help.

28. A personal engagement can be great

It is not necessary to keep your engagements official. Indulging in a bit of personal banter can improve your chances of boosting shares. Using first names while engaging is a fine way of doing so.

29. Emoticons can help you where words cannot

Use emoticons frequently. They bring the element of fun and help you convey your thoughts in a beautiful graphic manner.

30. Use social media analytics tools

One of the best social media engagement ideas is to make optimum use of the social media analytics tools. They can give you tons of information. Use them to your advantage and see your conversions soar to the sky.

Final words:

We have seen 30 simple tactics that you can use to improve your social media engagement. Following these ideas can get you lots of followers. These are some of the best social media engagement ideas to use to improve your shares and increase conversion rates.

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