Here’s Why You Should Start Wearing A Fashion Watch

For the longest time, the bulk of the knowledge and discussions on online forums are centered around luxury watches. This has left fashion watches on the sidelines, which while not given the attention they deserve, still takes up a significant part of the watchmaking industry. Plus, they can be as equally interesting as any other luxury watch, but without the hefty prices, the latter is often associated with. 

Here’s Why You Should Start Wearing A Fashion Watch

Here’s Why You Should Start Wearing A Fashion Watch

In the world of watch fans and serious collectors, fashion watches can be a little frowned upon because they’re regarded to lack the accuracy, precision, and ties complex machinery luxury watches are known for. But, while that’s the case, that doesn’t mean fashion watches are not fun to wear and worth investing in. In this article, we’re focusing on fashion watches and the things you should consider when investing in one. 

What Are Fashion Watches? 

Fashion watch is a general term for watches made by a brand mostly known for selling other items like clothes or fashion accessories. Brands like Gucci, Hugo Boss, and Tommy Hilfiger are known to have diversified their fashion businesses and ventured into watchmaking to offer watches that are stylish yet relatively affordable. 

A Guess watch, for example, costs an average of $100-$200 and targets audiences who are after style more than any complex features. It also appeals to customers who are on a budget or are just starting their watch collection. The existence of these kinds of watches is often the first experience beginners have with watches, and often inspires them to own more. 

Why You Should Buy A Fashion Watch 

Besides their significant presence in the market, it can’t be denied that fashion watches can also compete in terms of quality, despite their relatively low prices. Below is a rundown of some of the benefits of buying a fashion watch. 


Everyone you know likely owns at least a wristwatch and we think that most of them are fashion watches. It shouldn’t be surprising, though, as they are readily available in all kinds of styles imaginable and prices that are well within one’s budget. 

Wide Range of Styles 

When you think of the word fashion, expect brands like Guess to put a lot of effort in terms of aesthetics. With so many options to browse from, you’ll be spoilt for choice and you’ll hardly find one that looks almost the same. 


As discussed, fashion watch brands focus more on appearance than features, thus resulting in relatively affordable watches. But, while that’s the case, you are guaranteed that their efforts also go into making each piece look expensive. 

Quality Materials 

It also pays to mention that style over quality is not always the case with fashion watches. Many brands put in just as much effort to put skills and craftsmanship into their watches. This much is true with Guess who pairs good looks with great movements. 

A Watch For First-Timers 

Besides their lower price range, another reason that makes fashion watches ideal for first-time collectors is that you would be less affected when you damage them. This isn’t particularly the case with luxury watches which can cost well over $100,000—add that to the cost of repairs, which can set you back at a few thousand dollars. 

Is Guess A Good Fashion Watch Brand? 

Guess is a fashion brand founded in 1981 by Georges Marciano. The first collections of Guess watches were introduced in 1984 and they were known as Guess, Guess Collection, and Guess Steel. Over the years, we have seen demand for these watches, which catapulted them to global fame. It didn’t take long for Guess watches to find their way in many department stores worldwide. 

Whether Guess watches make good fashion watches depends on what you’re looking for in a watch. We can’t stress enough that if you’re after a stylish watch from a designer brand and don’t care much about its complications, then by all means go for it. 

The good thing about Guess is that it has established a reputation for style and functionality. It means that while they offer fashion watches; you are guaranteed that these watches don’t fall short in terms of cutting-edge design and high-quality technology. 

A Guess Watch Just For You 

With prices ranging between $100 and $200, the cost of a Guess watch is quite reasonable. The brand will spoil you with plenty of choices, too, with designs ranging from one with a classic white dial, stainless steel case, and a black leather strap to watches with blue dials and matching blue leather straps. For a classic and elegant option, you’ll never go wrong with a Guess watch that sports a white dial, gold-toned stainless steel case, and leather straps. 

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