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WindScribe VPN: Get 100GB/Month VPN Free for Lifetime [COUPON/ Voucher ]

WindScribe VPN is one of the best VPNs to use on your PC, phone, or any other digital device. Though the VPN is paid for most of its features, if you have its VPN then you can get all of the features for free until the subscription lasts.

Windscribe VPN can be installed as the Chrome extension or as an application on your PC to have system-wide protection. Moreover, it offers the “R.O.B.E.R.T.” feature, which blocks ads, trackers, and malware.

With servers spanning 110 cities in 63 countries, Windscribe guarantees lightning-fast speeds and unparalleled accessibility. But how do I get my Windscribe VPN coupon?

This article will give you the promo voucher code for the Windscribe VPN with which you can get 100GB/month free for a lifetime. Apart from giving away the VPN coupon, we will also be telling you the steps to apply it to your account.

Why is WindScribe VPN a Unique Solution for Users?

A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is a technology that creates a secure connection over the internet. Therefore it is a service that allows users to access private networks and encrypt user data from any Cybersecurity risk.

These days all kinds of VPNs have flooded the digital market. Among these, WindScribe is a major agency that stands out because of the unique features it provides for its users at unbelievable pricing (from $0 to $6 a month).

WindScribe VPN is the best option for those who want to:

  • Unblocks all major entertainment and streaming sites, as well as websites for content and software download
  • No limit to simultaneous connections possible at one point in time
  • One of the largest sets of tunneling protocols in place for users of any subscription membership (including free). This also includes WireGuard.
  • Highly configurable and customizable according to the changing needs of the user
  • Accessed through multiple devices using the same account
  • Improved connectivity speeds with little to no lag when used for more than one device
  • Tracks and records security breach attempts on your IP address that is open for review

Features of The Lifetime Unlimited WindScribe VPN Plan

You can unlock many features of WindScribe VPN with the unlimited data promo code mentioned in this article. Some of these features include-

1. No Safety Hazards To Your Internet Surfing

Windscribe VPN essentially hides your real IP address and creates a fake, untraceable address instead. This way, a virtual tracker is neither able to get hold of your details nor your current location.

Further, you can block site footprint trackers that bombard you with unwanted advertisements daily. It also prevents DNS leaks so that your search history can stay safe. VPN providers have strong anti-hacker and antimalware systems in place to protect you from data or financial loss.

2. High-quality, Free Subscription

The WindScribe VPN has three highly protective plans.  With a free subscription, you get to access 11 different countries through your user account and can use 10 GB a month. You can enhance the free option to 100 GB a month using our promo voucher code.

If you are not happy with this, you can make a customized plan using the Build-a-plan option that allows you to select any geographic location of your choice for $1 each. You can choose a minimum of three locations for this.

The Pro plan has unlimited access to the highest tier of facilities as well as protection with access to 69+ countries.

3. Access to International Shows and Entertainment

This works on two different fronts – firstly it helps us unlock sites that the government has blocked – including torrent websites, entertainment content that doesn’t meet regional censorship regulations, etc.

Secondly, using the WindScribe VPN server locations, we can change the nationality of our internet provider and become a recipient of geo-restricted entertainment content released in foreign countries like China and Russia.

Ultimately, using a VPN we can set up multiple accounts that help build up an anonymous persona on the internet. A strong VPN can bypass security servers on private networks like your school or office.

4. Safe Traveling

When traveling, we are bound to make use of unknown Wi-Fi, International cyber security regulations, etc. If you want to make payments while on these trips and open sensitive files, you will need a Top VPN to protect your information.

WindScribe VPN COUPON –  How To Use WindScribe VPN for Free?

Though you can get the WindScribe VPN for free, to unlock most of its features you need to get a paid subscription. Apart from that, you can also use the VPN coupon we have mentioned below to get 100GB/per month of VPN data free for a lifetime.

The VPN coupon code is:

This code is a limited-time WindScribe VPN offer to receive 10 times the data you would normally expect to get with a free account.

To redeem the Windscribe VPN coupon, follow the steps given below-

  • Head to the official website of Windscribe VPN.
  • Now select the Sign Up button available on the top right-hand corner of the screen.
  • Fill out the information including your username, password, and email.
  • Turn on the toggle next to Enable R.O.B.E.R.T. to continue ahead.
  • At the bottom, click on the ‘Have a Voucher?’ option and enter the promo voucher code listed above.
  • Click on Create Account.
  • Now visit the My Account Section on your WindScribe VPN dashboard and check if 100 GB is available over here. If yes, that means your voucher is a success.


The WindScribe VPN safeguards your internet activity from prying eyes and makes it possible to load and enjoy restricted content.  Say goodbye to daily data restrictions on your free plan with almost unlimited internet every month thanks to the 100GB WindScribe VPN promo code. With the server’s military-grade encryption and highly realistic proxy IP addresses, Windscribe ensures your online privacy and security. We hope you find this article helpful and can redeem the code through the steps mentioned in this article.

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