Tips to Shortlist Your Data Provider Partner

Over the last few years, database marketing has gained a lot of importance as it has enabled marketers and advertisers to create relevant messages for their existing customers and prospects. Database marketing indeed has many benefits if done rightly. It has become essential for marketers to obtain robust databases before devising their digital marketing campaigns – they can do so either by generating their database in-house or by obtaining a readily available one from a reputed data provider. This write-up discusses the data selling companies in India.  

Why Database Marketing Is Essential?

For any business what matters the most is happy and loyal customers. And, database marketing facilitates exactly what businesses desire! Database marketing can also be referred to as Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Let’s see some of the prominent ways of how database marketing can keep customers and prospects happy along with inducing them to choose your brand – loyally!

Enables Personalization Via Segmentation

Database marketing allows us to achieve the end goal of any business – it helps to deliver relevant personalized messages to prospects on an individual level. If a database is properly segmented, it can help in addressing specific purposes or shared interests.

Generates Improved User Experience

The online visitors’ data obtained when they browse a business website can be a good source of information. Gathering a customer’s online activity can be analyzed to improve their web experience. It helps to improve the online user experience and enhances lead conversions.

Helps to Build Brand Affinity

Sharing helpful and useful content with a target audience enables a business to increase its reach and visibility, and enables it to be seen as a trusted source. Content is usually shared via email marketing, newsletters, or blog subscriptions. This type of database marketing helps to keep your brand top-of-mind and promotes affinity to it.

Reasons To Obtain Marketing Databases From A Data Provider

Having seen the necessity of database marketing, you now know why databases are the core of any successful and effective digital marketing effort. We are now about to unearth the list of database provider companies in India. But why approach these companies for obtaining your databases when the same can be generated in-house by a business?

Well, there are start-ups and small companies that need to get their business revenues rolling at the earliest. They also have financial constraints. And, generating a database in-house requires a dedicated team of professionals. Not only that, lead generation is a time-consuming process too! That’s the reason why you need to approach a calling data provider or a data provider in India.

In today’s digital era, data collection and management are essential functions of any business. However, generating and maintaining data in-house is an outdated process. There are several reasons why a business should work with an external source. It could be to get new contacts, to automate the process of tackling data hygiene, to adhere to new regulations involving the contact data and security associated with it, and finally to save time and cost in generating and maintaining the data.

Picking The Right Data Provider Matters

When shortlisting your data-providing partner, you need to ensure their credentials and ability. You need to make sure that your partner is able to provide the results that you are aiming at. Doing your groundwork properly before picking your data provider partner will ensure that you have peace of mind going forward. Once you are certain that your data provider really cares, only then you should go ahead. Your provider should let you know how they garnered the data, and whether their sources are thoroughly inspected. Ensure that your business data provider is registered with the right authority. You should also ensure that your data provider guarantees that your marketing messages reach your targeted individuals.

When obtaining data from an external source, the requirements need to be taken into account as they vary for each department. For example, the product team may need API access for firmographic data, sales may need valued list-building abilities, and marketing may be interested in appending and enriching data. When shortlisting your data provider partner, you need to finalize based on a few parameters and criteria.

You need to ensure that the data provider guarantees to provide accurate and relevant data. You may check on this account by asking for a sample database. You need to ensure that your data provider provides data that covers your total addressable market based on industry, location, revenue, and technology, and so on. And, you need to also ensure that it is able to generate an improved ROI for your criteria.

Finding The Right Data Provider For Your Business

One of the easiest ways to list and find data providers in India is to search them online. For example, simply using the words “data providers” in your Google search will give you the result as shown in the below image.

There are several data providers in the business that claim to provide the best data. Data is the fuel to run your business efficiently. You must always bear in mind that buying data is not a small investment. So, as a buyer, you should always be careful before finalizing your data provider, and not just trust them blindly.

Finding the right high-quality data along with maintaining it is a full-time job. Selecting your data provider can indeed be a cumbersome process if at all you decide to work with them. And, most data-providing companies differ when it involves sales intelligence solutions.

Major Data Providing Companies In India

There are several companies in India that deal with databases to ultimately sell them. Names of some of the companies that immediately come to mind include EasyLeadz, Fundoodata, Dataguru, etc. Apart from that, you also have an option to use a lead generation software tool to obtain your marketing database – for example, AeroLeadsDatanyzeSalesLoftHooversZoomInfo, etc. These tools require you to only furnish prospect details like location, or job title, and your qualified prospects’ list is delivered to you. The problem with databases that are obtained online is that it could contain a lot of decayed or invalid data. This can be a hindrance to your database marketing efforts. You could experience increased bounce rates for your cold calling and cold emailing campaigns. At other times, you could encounter invalid emails or contacts. To have a pleasant experience in your sales journey, you need to have a database that is an updated and verified one. Your marketers need to have a database that is customized to your needs. Therefore, it’s highly recommended that you approach a reputed data provider with a credible history. Further, before finalizing your data provider, it’s always a good idea to ask for a sample of real-time data consisting of valid emails and contact numbers. This will enable you to test the accuracy and quality of the data. The broad parameters of any sample database consist of company name, job title, location, company revenue, industry, etc.

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