11 Beautiful Colour Paint Options For Your Living Room

Paint colours can change the mood, interior design and the entire look of your room. Every time you decide to paint your room, there’s one big question…which colour? From minimal to flamboyant; these are the 11 evergreen colour favourites that work well for most living rooms!

1. Sky Blue:

Propagates trust, honesty and openness. Colour of security and reliability. Promotes both physical and mental peace

2. Rose Pink:

Pink signifies grace, elegance and appreciation. It promotes gentleness and admiration.

3. Tangy Orange:

Orange brings about zest, joy, warmth and happiness. It attracts freedom, success and balance into your life.

4. Chocolate Brown:

Brown has earthy effects on your home that bring about stability, wholesomeness and healing.

5. Mint Green:

This is the colour of fresh energy and renewal. It has a calming effect every time you look at it

6. Navy Blue:

Wisdom, royalty and faith are some of the qualities that tag along with this rich colour. It depicts sincerity, loyalty and presence of healthy confidence.

7. Leaf Green:

This is the colour of life. It carries with itself qualities of growth, fertility and is associated with developing finances.

8. Noir Black:

Black is seen by evil as some. But if you come with the belief that all colours are beautiful in their own way, you’d be able to see the strength, class and authority that black possess.

9. Peach:

The colour peach is supposed to be associated with solace and immortality.

10. Lemon Yellow:

Brings about positivity, clarity, enthusiasm and fun!.

11. Lavender:

Suggests refinement along with elegance and grace along with power.

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