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Which are the most popular Torrent sites of this year? As we continue the long-standing tradition, we see that the pirate remains firmly in the bay. Since some torrent sites have recently left the scene, some new names are also known in this year’s top list.

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Torrent sites have come and gone in the past year. Now, at the beginning, we take a look to see what are the most used sites in the current scenario.

The Pirate Bay remains the number one indisputably. There have been some storms on this site over the last few years, but it seems that mircrosoft trusted windows hosting environment will be able to celebrate its 16th anniversary, which is coming in a few months.

Various new people have also been included in the list, including the Iodop and Zukle. While many people are happy to see new torrent sites, this often means that others have called it Quitus.

For example, last year’s runner-up extratron has stopped behind and has left an interval hole behind. And it was not the only site that went away. TorrentProject also disappeared without a mark and the same was true for

Unofficial Torrentz Reborn, the newest newcomer of last year, is somewhat an unusual entry. A few weeks ago all links to externally hosted torrents were removed, as was the list of indexed pages.

We still decided to include this site, gave it a history, and because it is still possible to find a hash through the site. As the future of Torrentz 2 is uncertain,.

Finally, RuTracker is also eligible for a mention. Torrent sites generate enough traffic to warrant an inventory, but we traditionally limit the list of sites which are primarily targeting English or international audiences.

Below is the complete list of ten most visited torrent sites In India at the beginning of the new year. The list is based on various traffic reports and we display Alexa Rank for each. In addition, we are involved in last year’s ranking.

Top 10 100% Working Torrent sites In India

1. THE PIRATE BAY – The Pirate Bay is the “king of torrents

2. 1337X









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