First 3D Printing Office Building Look Awesome in Dubai

World’s First Office Building made by 3D Printing Technology in Dubai. Office make with 3d printing materials. Printed layer by layer from the ground.

Above up using a special cement mixture. This rapid-produced curvilinear structure is a functional example. As well as proof of what is 3d printing of building concept. Also, illustrating the architectural potential of 3D printing technology.

Building Made by 3D Printing Technology

world's first 3d printed office building

The new 3D printed building will (aptly enough) be home to the Dubai. Future Foundation, providing space for offices, workshops and events.

3d Printing Office Photo.

exterior look of 3d printing building in dubai

3d printing,

Know more Examples of 3d printing objects.

Global architecture firm Gensler designed the building. In partnership with structural experts from Thornton Tomasetti and Syska Hennessy.

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