Smart Building Masonry Technology By Dmytro Zhuikov & Arina Agieieva Of ZA Architects

The ‘Smart Building Masonry Technology’ project was undertaken as the masters thesis’ of dmytro zhuikov and arina agieieva, who together form ZA architects. The smart building masonry technology developed work describes a refreshed perspective on structural design and construction methods, based primarily on traditional masonry techniques.

Smart Building Masonry Technology

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‘Smart building masonry’ can be composed of one seamless mesh that constitutes an entire structure, forgoing walls, columns, support beams, etc. zhuikov and agieieva derived the concept from naturally occurring system.

Where geometry is based on creating as optimally as possible, with as little as possible. the masonry itself represents this methodology, and can be produced quickly with relatively simple techniques.

smart building,

Each ‘cell’ that constitutes a smart building structure is made from a rubber-derived foam substance. a 4-axis hot-wire cuts the form using a computer model as guide, enabling complex shapes in very little time.

The piece is then saturated with a mixture of Portland cement and left to harden; different foam porosity equate to various final performances. once cured, the smart building masonry is finished and ready to be taken to the site.

It is believed by zhuikov and agieieva that such a construction method will greatly increase construction speed, while decreasing energy and material expenditure.


Picture of Smart Building Masonry Technology:


all images/visuals courtesy of ZA architects

Know More About Smart Building Construction:

Thanks to digital optimization, it proposes a way to drastically reduce weight and material loads of smart building infrastructure, and uses robotics rather than people to assemble complex forms.

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