Tips and Tricks for How to Convert mp4 to mp3 freeware

How to Convert mp4 to mp3 freeware is a tutorial we are going to learn “How To Convert MP4 to MP3 freeware″ format file.

You can also do the task using your iTunes but with the recent version of iTunes it may bring some difficulties for you for the conversion task. Here we are going to talk about some free ways of Convert mp4 to mp3 freeware format.

Mainly we are going to focus on 2 ways of conversion process,

1. Desktop based

2. Browser based.

How to Convert mp4 to mp3 freeware

As I have already mentioned either you can use the web based method or the desktop program to convert, both of them are free. If you do not wish to install any programs on your system then it is suitable to use the web based program to convert. So here is our guide on MP4 to MP3 conversion, the most easiest and free way of converting.

1. Desktop Based Process – Use Any Video Converter (MAC/Windows)

Any Video Converter  is a light weight free and faster conversion tool that can convert MP4 to multiple file formats like MP3, AAC, OGG, WMA or WAV. Though this is a freeware program but the conversion speed and quality is really outstanding. The converted file is also widely supported by various devices.

Step 1: Download the latest free version of the AVC program from their website and install it. Both for Windows and MAC, the download is available.

Step 2: After successful installation open the program from your program menu. Now you have to select the MP4 files that you want to convert to MP3 and for that you need to click on the Video(s) button on the top left corner of the program  and select your file. You can add/select multiple MP4 files in the same way. Using this program you can convert multiple files at a time.

Step 3: On Windows, click the Preset Output button with the wrench in the upper right corner and click through the various output devices at the top of the popup window until you come to the Common Audio Format. Select the icon and choose MP3 Audio from the resulting drop-down menu, select your save destination and click the CONFIRM button. Then adjust your audio bit rate and sample bit rate options in the bottom right corner under the audio options. Also, make sure the audio channel is set to 2, that makes it stereo type audio.

Unfortunately the free Mac version of AVC does not offer the same kind of audio output customization, but you can still convert the MP4 file to MP3 format. Simply head to the Profile options at the bottom of the program window, choose Custom Settings and select MP3 Audio from the list.

Step 4: Now here is actually how to convert mp4 to mp3. After you have finished setting up your output preference in Windows, click Convert ALL File NOW button at top of window next to presets option.

Mac equivalent to conversion button is “Convert Now” button at the bottom right corner. Click that and select Open Output Folder in order to view files when processing is completed.

2. Web Based Process – Use Cloud Convert

CloudConvert service tends to be a standalone option which requires a bit more than your file and Internet connection. It’s completely free, requires no added software to run and supports faster conversion between various file formats (Presently supports 140 formats). Without any doubt it is one of the best option for converting MP4 to MP3. Resulting quality is really high and conversion speed is also very good. However, the free version of the service support only up to 100 MB/file. But I think most of us would not require more than 100 MB in most of the cases.

Step 1: Go to the site CouldConvert – Anything to MP3

Step 2: Click the Select files button in the middle of the page and select the video files you wish to convert to MP3 (You can also select files from Dropbox or Google drive ). A popup window will appear where you can navigate or search for the desired files on your computer. Once found, click the Open button in the lower right-hand corner to add the file to the conversion queue.

Step 3: Click wrench icon to right of file if you want to fine tune audio bit rate, frequency, channels, trim or normalization new file to specified length — a very helpful tool if your videos have an ending or introduction with undesired audio. Then click Okay when completed.

Step 4: CloudConvert offers 2 additional saving options except for your download typically. Check top box in case you want resulting MP3 mailed to any specified address after conversion is finished or bottom box in case you wish to send file at your Dropbox account directly.

Step 5: Now, click Start Conversion button. A yellow and gray bar will emerge at top indicating conversion’s current status in addition to cancellation button must change mind for whatever reasons. Afterward, wait for conversion to complete.

Step 6: Once the conversion is completed, Now just click Download button and choose save destination for file. If you prefer either of the saving options, resulting MP3 should be in your DropBox account or mail inbox already.


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So, friends this is all about Convert mp4 to mp3 freeware, hope you enjoy it.

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