Traditional Design Element Courtyard in Modern House of Thailand

Did you know about – Traditional Design Element Courtyard? An Ideas about integration of traditional values in modern term. Same example of courtyard element of sustainable architecture today. We go through here ahead. One Thailand’s Modern House design with Traditional Design Element “Courtyard” in side that home. The term Courtyard in house design is one of the traditional design element. We all know that this design element have their basic values. But in modern house design, How Courtyard play an important role? Inside and outside spaces of the house.

Traditional Design Element Courtyard

This Modern House with Courtyard, was designed and completed by Ayutt and Associates Design, in Bangkok, Thailand.

Courtyard house plans:

traditional design element courtyard,

This courtyard house design is located along the lake. Also, surrounds a traditional design element courtyard, typical in Thai architecture.

But that is the only traditional design element courtyard, in this modern house.

Courtyard house floor plans:

First floor lvl planBecause of integrating of courtyard, and the courtyard becomes a tool to create space hierarchy.

Courtyard house architecture:

Each interior was planned in relationship to the natural elements of the environment.

View from the central courtyard area with landscape

Using clear glass with full height for maximise natural light

Featuring a highly modern design, the exterior combines with full heighten glass, zinc, wood and steel finishes.

Benefits of a courtyard house:

The modern house theme continues inside, with an interior design scheme more typical of a home you might find in the U.S. or Europe.

Double height living space facing courtyard in modern home

Full height window towards internal courtyard

The first floor is plan for:

  • A parking area with room for up to six cars
  • The living area and kitchen form an L-shaped interior that surrounds the swimming pool
  • A study, gym, maids’ quarters and two bedrooms are also located here

Modern Entrance porch with car park

Modern bathroom facing towards internal coutyard as a main design element of house design

Glass walls open from the carport to the indoors. The upper level, accessed by a floating wood staircase mounted on a concrete wall, offers more privacy and accommodates five bedrooms.

#Courtyard house concept:


Contemporary house elevation towards pool side

Modern Entrance porch with car park

Porch area view from the main entrance of the house

Design element of modern house planning

Latest House with courtyard have a cutting edge contemporary elevation design, using of glass and modern material.

Courtyard house case study:

Architect of modern courtyard house give latest treading house design touch to this house. But the soul of the house design ” A Courtyard” remains intangible and present there.

Main design element is internal courtyard in this contemporary house

View of the swimmingpool from the house

If you not want to go on swimming pool side, and also not want to loose a feel near by pool.

Courtyard house figure architecture:

This traditional design element courtyard is give excellent solution for traditional architecture. From the first floor of the house pool side is visible.

Wooden finished staircase with exposed concrete wall

Cantilever staircase with wooden finishes. In contrast of pure poetics of exposed concrete wall, Give contemporary touch with traditional feel.

Living and dining area lit with light drawn from internal courtyard space

Photography by Soopakorn Srisakul.

Without traditional design element courtyard, this modern house may loose it’s soul, Right? What do you think? Have a thread on it please share with us bellow. Also if you want to submit your project kindly Submit Project Here.