Ar. Pitsou Kedem Design Own Home With Exposed Concrete And Continuous Window In Ramat HaSharon, Israel.

Hello Folks,….. Architect Pitsou Kedem has designed a home for himself and his family With Exposed Concrete And Continuous Window in Ramat HaSharon, Israel.

The neighborhood where architect Pitsou Kedem designed a home for himself and his family was established in the 1950’s by army veterans and can be characterized by buildings with low silhouettes and horizontal lines set in a rich grove of eucalyptus trees.

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Use Of Exposed Concrete In Modern House Design

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  • About The Exposed Texture Concrete And Continuous Window Project

The low profiles and Modernist styling of the buildings that remain from this era informed the forms and materials employed by the architect. The concrete home comprises two square floors stacked on top of one another, with the lower level partially submerged in the sloping site.

The concrete house was designed as two squares, set one on top of the other whilst exploiting the sloping plot.

The lower level is located at the lower and front section of the plot while the upper level is located on the plot’s higher section, towards the road and whose low silhouette is hidden by evergreen Brachychiton trees.

  • Architectural Characteristics Modern House

Kedem’s Dream home was designed to blend in with the architectural characteristics of the other homes, all built using modern architectural values with exposed metal, concrete and raw materials.

Concrete forms influenced by 1950s architecture were combined with contemporary details for this house that architect Pitsou Kedem designed for himself and his family.

The modern home combines elements such as a concrete ceiling and continuous windows and also uses materials in their original, raw state: exposed – concrete, iron and uncolored wood and silicate bricks.

Examples of the use of such materials can be found in the concrete ceiling that floats above the entrance floor with a continuous window along its entire length.

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This allows the ceiling to be separate from the structure’s walls and creates a feeling of eternalness in the buildings mass and the white painted, iron ramp that leads to the floating entrance lobby.

The door is located in the center of the contemporary house at the cross section between the stairwell and it opens facing a fixed, frame less continuous window. Through the window, we see the eucalyptus trees that surround the plot. For the double-height elevation on one side, the solid concrete gives way to glazing that extends along both stories.

Timber louvers shield the glazing and regulate how much sunlight reaches the interior, as well as ensuring privacy when required. The stairwell is constructed from metal with a unique texture and with no covering (exposed) materials.

It divides the two floors into rectangles and is delimitation by two walls constructed from concrete blocks that support the ceiling.

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  • Light and Ventilation

Natural Light is provided from the skylight that runs its entire length, covered by wooden slats. Set into the walls are round windows of differing sizes that allow the light coming through the skylight to disperse within the space.

The restraint and scale that characterize the exposed concrete design express the balance created between the architect’s vision and the fact that the house, which is conceived as a family home, is designed around childhood memories of the architect’s wife’s kibbutz.

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  • What Architect Says About His House Design,

“I designed the house with the horizontal lines and clear tight grid that characterizes the humble, timeless style of this period,”

“I wanted to make my family’s home cozy yet architectural,” Kedem claimed. “My decision was to create not high spaces but rooms with a human scale.”

Kedem sought to avoid the creation of gimmicks and to realize in the house’s design that elusive idea of “timeless architecture”.

“I also chose to use the same materials, aiming not for a fashionable home, but one I hope will be relevant for many years.”

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Exposed concrete walls form the main structural elements and create a sense of solidity. This is mediated by a roof that appears from certain angles to float, due to the band of glazing between it and the tops of the walls.

The concrete roof is supported by internal walls flanking the staircase at the center of the house, as well as by columns along the glazed facade that fronts the garden. It also cantilevers out slightly to shelter a terrace.