Dramatize Facade Design with Perforated screens of São Paulo apartment block by Studio MK27

Hello Folks,…. It’s almost 12 o’clock in my wrist watch when i drive near by The Vertical Itaim Building on the left side of me. I just think for a moment that this Building Facade Design was some thing different because all the surrounding buildings have a windows and other facade treatment on their elevation. But for a moment i just think that why this building architect or designer not providing a single window on their facade.

But when i just came to know that this São Paulo apartment building by Studio MK27,  and those people are really very much sensible in building facade design with their innovative facade design system. So, i am more curious about this perforated screens facade building and visit the building via matrix.

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Dramatize Facade Design with Perforated Screens

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One fine day it became happens, possible to take a virtual tour for the dramatize facade design building visit me more fascinating because those blank facade actually not a dead facade but it is a perforated wooden shutters of window and it is provided to control the levels of daylight in their living spaces.

This Vertical Itaim building was designed by local firm Studio MK27 for a site in the city’s upmarket Chacara Itaim neighbourhood and contains 10 apartments. Most of these are 144 square meters, with a larger penthouse occupying the top of the structure. as we all know and love the height is always trill human being with their maximum potential, so upper floors of this attractive facade building penthouse is always in demands.

The facade is covered with timber shutters in a grid of square holes that reference traditional Arabian mashrabiyas – carved latticework facade screens that were first used in Brazil by Portuguese settlers.

A beautiful lady just standing in window is applied to the building’s north facade architecture, where the most sun-shading is required. Dappled sunlight is able to enter the interiors through the perforations facade screen, and the holes also allow air to circulate and cool the rooms when sliding windows behind the facade screens are opened.

“The wooden facade elements have perforated squared patterns and do not block the wind, just like the Arabian mashrabiyas,” said the architect Marcio Kogan. “This solution results in very pleasant temperatures.”

In the time of evening or night, this perforated facade windows play really beautifully Illuminati of the area. With a slight opacity that becomes evident when the lights inside are on.

In the morning when person of those apartments wake up in the morning and open their window shutter fully, they extend outwards to the edge of the projecting concrete floor plates. Along the east facade, where the main living spaces of the apartments are located, horizontal bands of glazing provide expansive views across the city.

The north-east corner of each apartment features a terrace accessed through sliding doors from the living room. A sliding screen – with the same pattern of perforations as the shutters on the adjacent facade – can be pulled across to provide privacy for the terrace without impairing the open-air feel.

The tower’s south and west facade pattern sit close to neighboring buildings. These are concrete, but have a textured surface created from wooden form work. The choice of concrete references the Brutalist architectural style that is common in the city, while its uneven composition creates shadows that intensify as the direction of the sun shifts throughout the day.

When we came out of the apartment we face the service core of the building. A core containing lifts and a staircase is positioned slightly off-center to maximize the floor area of living rooms and bedrooms that can be arranged in different configurations, depending on the owners’ requirements. Bathrooms, a kitchen and an entrance hallway are positioned around this circulation and service core.

I just stand in the ground floor reception hall and see a storage space with technical services and access to the lifts.Steel columns supporting the floors above give this level a more transparent feel that enhances its connection with a small garden outside.

Innovative Facade Image :

Project Credits for Dramatize Facade Design:

  • Architects: Studio MK27
  • Project team: Carlos Costa, Fabiana Stucchi, Fernanda Palmieri, Laura Guedes, Mariana Simas, Oswaldo Pessano
  • Landscape architect: André Paoliello
  • Structural engineer: Avila Engenharia de Estruturas
  • Facilities: PHE Engenharia de Projetos Hidráulicos e Elétricos
  • Acoustic consulting: Akkerman Projetos Acústicos
  • Construction: Vitacon, Abraão Frankel, Marcus Alcantara de Castro
  • Photography: by Pedro Vannucchi.

Check this facade pattern also,

When i finished the hand around of this perforated facade of dramatize building and back on my way, “The texture of the slats – when lit by the sun – produces a surprising and poetic effect for the larger gables.” The thickness of the concrete facades is visible at the ends where they meet the glazed walls. The textured surface also continues through to the inner walls of the residence.

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