Evolution Tower Moscow Russia, Sexy Vertical Architecture

Sexy, Organic Vertical Architecture of Evolution Tower Moscow. The ‘sexy’, organic form of the Evolution Tower Moscow. which was design by RMJM. In collaboration with Scottish artist Karen Forbes. Mixes passion and drama with a conventional square footprint. Ideal for offices and other commercial uses.

The twisting tower will provide approximately 85,000 sqm of retail and leisure facilities. 85,000 sqm of offices and public functions including a registry office. Indeed the inclusion of the registry office for civil marriages. inspired the architect-artist team for the conceptual form of the building.

Evolution Tower Moscow Russia.

evolution tower moscow,CITY PALACE TOWER, MOSCOW, RUSSIA,

Evolution Tower, Moscow

  • Location – Moscow, Russia
  • Building Concept – The building resembles. Two ribbons wrapping around each other. – The top of the building houses a ballroom.
  • Each floor of the 53-storey tower twists three degrees in relation to one below it. The whole tower twists a total of 135 degrees.

Technical Fact File

  • Height (architectural) – 255.00 m.
  • Floors (above ground) – 53 nos.
  • Construction start – 2008.
  • Construction end – 2014.
  • Floor-to-ceiling height – 2.90 m.
  • Building type – skyscraper.
  • Building status – under construction [topped out]

Involved Companies and Agency

  • Architect – Karen Forbes.
  • Kettle Collective.
  • RMJM / Edinburgh.
  • Other recorded for this building – construction company – form work supplier – interior designer.

evolution tower moscow, CITY PALACE TOWER, MOSCOW, RUSSIA,

  • Fact and Description of Project :

Designed for the first time in 1992 from the side of Moscow government. Being brought to life by the leading construction companies. The project “Moscow City”. (official name: Moscow international business center) is continuing to have new facilities constructed

Moscow International Business Center being arrange 4km westward from Red Square. after completion of “City Palace” and construction works of other projects. That are in progress will become one of the most important. And magnificent business centers of the world. with $12 billion prime-cost and an estimated 250,000 – 300,000 people. who will be working, living, or visiting the complex at any given time.

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evolution tower moscow, CITY PALACE TOWER, MOSCOW, RUSSIA,

The works on construction of Evolution Tower / City Palace building with height 250 meters. That will become one of the main parts of complex of buildings. being among the highest structures in Russia and Europe. It is plan to be complete by the second half of 2013 by “Renaissance Construction” company.

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