White discharge or vaginal discharge: Is there some problem?

Normally gynaecologists define whitedischargeas cervical mucous that’s a result of infertility. The white discharge in a female body is seen as a routine reproductive function. The vaginal glands secrete some fluid to wash off the cervix and vagina from dead cells as well as bacterial infections. This is perfectly normal till there aren’t some infections in the female reproductive parts. Any alterations in the genital pH levels or infection of the urinary tract etc. can alter texture, colour, quantity, smell/odour etc. ending up to sort change in reason of the disbalance or irritating/itching.

White discharge or vaginal discharge: Is there some problem? –

The more or reduced quantity of white discharge reason may be due to ovulation, sexual anxiety or breastfeeding. The odour and consistency of the same may vary at different stages of ovulation and pregnancy. Such changes are normal but such vaginal discharge is a vital indicator of female health (genital) health and hygiene standards.

Causes of white discharge abnormalities

Sudden alterations/unbalanced changes in vaginal and cervical hygiene or any bacterial growth/infection may lead to itchy secretion or may be the cause of a burning sensation in the urinary tract. The action of bacteria may result in fish like odour or sticky uncomfortable and irritating discharge. This now is a matter of concern. The reason can be any of the underneath ones.

  • Intake of steroids and drugs especially antibiotics may be the prominent cause for the change noticed.
  • Any physical intimation with frequent mates can arouse the chance of bacterial infections in the female reproductive parts.
  • Intake of oral contraceptive pills may also alter the composition of the vaginal discharge.
  • Pregnancy or birth termination/abortion makes the female genitals prone to bacterial infections.
  • Stages of cervical cancer or any STD may be the important reason in this context.
  • Diabetes, yeast infections, gonorrhoea etc. can most probably be the alarming causes.  
  • Use of chemical-based soaps etc. to wash the private parts may lead you to such uncommon conditions.

These are a few common reasons for an alarming stage of vaginal discharge. Though there is a long list of reasons for the same.

Alarming symptoms for health and concerns

  • If the colour of the discharge change from white to rust brown, the body is alarming you about the problem of the irregular menstrual cycle or it may be an alarm of being doubted cervical cancer. The symptoms of the same may be abnormal vaginal bleed and intense pain in your pelvic.
  • If the white discharge becomes yellow or pale then the probability of suffering from gonorrhoea increases. Hence, if symptoms like irregular bleeding between two cycles, urinary tract irritation etc. persists then make sure you see a gynae.
  • If the same is frothy and greenish/yellowish accompanied by painful and itchy urination then you are certainly in an unhealthy situation that the doctor may help you out with after examination and recommended tests.
  • In case of yeast infection, this vaginal discharge may become cheesy white and thick. This type of infection leads to swollen vulva and painful sex 
  • A fishy odour with yellowish-white or pale discharge may be due to bacterial growth and infections in the female body.

Reasons can be numerous but one should not neglect personal hygiene and comfort. Going to a medical expert may help you in relieving the problem and health concerns.

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