Glass and Concrete Contracting in Curucura House in Argentina

Glass and Concrete contracting in Curucura House. Curucura house is locate at Buenos Aires, Argentina. Architecture of house to be used for much of the year, during the weekends. This Argentinian house should have two bedrooms and two bathrooms. One en suite, with the particularity. that the social area should be generously sized. Furthermore, the Glass and Concrete house should meet safety requirements. Also, it is create connection with the greenery of the land.

Glass and Concrete in Modern Home

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  • Architects: Unoencinco Arquitectos.
  • Location: Villa Gesell, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina.
  • Project Architects: Arq. Laura Abate, Arq. Alejo López, Arq. Noelia Maldonado Duboski, Arq. Máximo Triolo, Arq. Miguel Urruty.
  • Site Area: 675 m2.
  • Project Area: 125.0 m2.
  • Project Year: 2012
  • Photography: Courtesy of Unoencinco Arquitectos.

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From the Desk of an Architect about Glass and Concrete Contracting

The particular vegetation of the site, views of the forest free of neighboring structures. The particularity of the required program are the issues. That are unique to this house.

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The house was conceive within a rectangular prism. where the program is distribute with empty spaces (intervened forest).

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This exterior space of modern home are helps articulate the functionality. And simultaneously generates both the access and the expansion areas.

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The public area is separated from the private area in house design. These areas septate through this central courtyard, which simultaneously frees long views.

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These free spaces are contained by sliding and folding doors. that allow to open and close the house according to the time of day or use required.

Thereby altering the living spaces without losing connection with the particular green environment.

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Hey Wingers, you are enjoy the Glass and Concrete Contracting in Curucura House Design. Because some level, designer have their personal touch on balancing the material sense. When create contrasting in modern house design.

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