Innovative Google Office Interior Design at Mexico City

Innovative Google Office Interior Design. At Mexico City. Generally we think about interior designing, immediately we visualize different kind of furniture and its arrangements. Some time we show some variety of colors with different kind of shades. If you ask someone, what is office space?. How it’s interior planned?. Generally what we found is office is what it’s a workspace. With comfortable space and working desk and other necessary things. One nice conference of meeting space and with modern amenity. One pantry or kitchen area. And some small storage is ideal almost office interior required. But here are latest contemporary ideas of office interior of Google’s Mexico City office space.

Innovative Google Office Interior Design Ideas

This is a finest example of how to cut working stress and give best to company with happy. When we see first look to this interior and we think this is a kindergarden space of what. 😉

But this is a world giant Google’s working space. I appreciate the thought and vision behind these developments of working environments creation.

google office interior design

google office interior design

google office interior design

Here the elements of design are use in creating environment. For working area is somehow symbolizing google’s company identity with usability.

When we see the selection of colors you immediately find hey this is Google’s. But here those colors and its applications are smart way place. To create vibrant working environment.

All colors are bright, joyful, clear, happy, and vibrant.

Renowned for creating playful working environments for its employees. Google headquarters in Mexico city has been designed by Mexican studio. A space to look just like the city itself.

google office interior design

google office interior design

google office interior design

Upon entering, a lobby area filled with white. makes the bright colored logo stand out. and from here there are two different routes one may take.

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