Modern Cottage House Renovations In Suburb of Sydney, Australia

Modern Cottage House Renovations complete in the inner Sydney. This modern cottage house in suburb of Birchgrove in close proximity to the Sydney harbor. The original section of the Cottage House is a simple timber weatherboard cottage. The Modern Cottage House Renovations was to improve the cottage house. This renovation is for simplification and maximize the outdoor experience. For a tight site with neighbors in very close proximity.

Modern Cottage House Renovations Ideas

Contemporary Design of Cottage,

Modern Cottage House Renovations Concept From Architect

One solution was to replace all upper level external walls to the courtyard. Those walls are with a fully operable facade. When operable facade is close emulates the weather boards of the original cottage.

The main bathroom spills out onto the upper balcony. The doors are completely retreating within the wall cavity. That will creating a private outdoor bathroom experience.

Contemporary Design of Cottage,Contemporary Design of Cottage,

Contemporary Design of Cottage,

The stairs are replace with a new elongated stair spine. Which is along the southern boundary. To connecting the three levels of cottage house.

Major Joinery wraps under and over the stair filling. The cavities with much needed storage space.

The stairs are bound by a smooth concrete stucco wall. Which disperses shadows and light from the glazed roof overhead.

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