Advertising with Internet Marketing Forums doesn’t Consider a SEO Factor

Advertising with Email Marketing Forums doesn’t Consider a SEO Factor in these days but it still plays a vital role to promote your site or blog. The best part of Internet Marketing Forums I like is that you will get a large community where people share their ideas, tips and tricks, experiences and much more.

You will learn something new everyday through Internet Marketing Forums. I personally participate in Internet Marketing Forums to share my experiences and help me to solve my problem by just asking questions. There are plenty of Internet Marketing forums available in Internet, but I will share some of them which I am participating regularly.

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List of Internet Marketing Forums which I suggest to use


Warriorforum is #1 Internet Marketing forums, where internet marketers share their knowledge and experiences with each others. They have more than millions of registered users and active threads. In 2014 it has been acquired by Freelancer (One of the leading Freelancing site).

This is biggest community for affiliate marketers as well. The Section Named “WSO” where Advertisers list their offers and affiliates earn commissions by promoting them through their blogs or any other medium. I have been an active member of warriorforum since 2012. The member of the forum is very helpful and polite.

#Digitalpoint Forums

This also one of the leading Webmaster forum with millions of active thread. This forum is very popular because it will cover every topic which a webmaster needs to operate their business online. You can easily buy sell your websites, articles, eBooks, Services, Scripts, etc. free of cost on this forum. Their advertising option helps you to directly sell ad spaces on your website without any problem.

#V7n Forum

This forum is very well known for SEO topics, you can get almost every information on SEO from Basic to Advance. The forum is run by very popular forum script named “VBulletin” The forum is very old and doesn’t have any changes made since from its inception. But it still a viable community for SEO aspirants.


This forum is managed by very charming and Enthusiastic Persons. I personally have some good interactions with Admin. He is very helpful and always try to make the forum more intuitive and helpful for the members.

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These are few of the internet marketing forums which I have actively participating. Internet marketing forums help you get traffic for your site. You simply have to put a signature link in the forum, but make sure that you have complied with their rules and terms.

I personally get 100 to 150 visitors from my internet marketing forums signatures and hope that you will also get benefited by it. If you have any thoughts regarding forums, you can share it with us by commenting below.

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