Modern Country House Plans To Break The Visual Monotony In Lithuania

Hello Folks,….. Modern Country House Plans To Break The Visual Monotony In Lithuania, is located on the banks of the Neris River, in Lithuania’s Vilnius County. this modern house was imagined and built from the ground up by GYZA.

Having a modern country house is like making peace with both nature and technology. This particular modern country house spreading over 226 square meters, In a coniferous forest, where a birch stump used to occupy the ground, a modern country house now rises to break the visual monotony of trees.

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Modern Country House Designs With Surrounding Nature

Modern Country House Plans To Break The Visual Monotony In Lithuania 2

Retaining the existing trees around the house, and even commemorating the former birch through the design concept, architects imagined a home, where you would feel outdoors in any space.

Photographs by Antanas Minkevičius, Žilvinas Vasiliauskas and Bonnevier show us the house from different vantage points.

Having the bedrooms and guest room on the ground floor made it easier to build the social spaces on higher ground to take in all the light. The living area was thus imagined as a social space where people meet the relaxing visual effect of nature.

Horizontal design lines shaping the home’s facade contrast the vertical trees. Windows open the house towards the river and invite in natural light. The breeze undulates through the forest and guides guests parked on the carport towards the inviting indoors.

Modern Country House Plans To Break The Visual Monotony In Lithuania 4

Accessed from the mezzanine, the modern country house unfolds with a wonderful view of the treeline and river beyond generous two-story floor-to-ceiling windows. This mezzanine area is home to the kitchen and dining area, while the living room awaits for inhabitants and guests down a floating staircase.

This environmentally friendly house was built into the slope of the land, taking the opportunity to frame views from the river. Embedding the modern country house into the sloped surroundings made it easier to keep a constant temperature with such a great glass wall overlooking the panoramas.

Geothermal heating and smart natural air supply systems optimize operation costs, while natural materials integrate the modern country house in its surroundings. How do you like the appearance and details of this modern country house in Lithuania?

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