Bloggers, Here’s How To Become A Professional Blogger

Hello Folks,…. Not every bloggers are a professional blogger, some are just pursuing this as a hobby. But if you’re at that stage in life, where you’re ready to take your blogging to the next level and make some serious, then we’ve got a few tips to get you started.

This is a step by step tutorial guide for bloggers, those really think about blogging as a career option and became a professional blogger. With making their livable out of blogging jobs.

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How To Be a Professional Blogger?

At this point of blogging career, you have some basic questions in you mind like, i) What is professional blogger jobs? ii) How much professional blogger salary? iii) What is professional blogger template? ,… etc.

So, we here go through point to point, on how to become a professional bloggers?

  • Find The Fully Qualified Domain Name

This has got to be special but picking a good fully qualified domain name is quite a task. Aim for keywords within your niche and see if you can add it in your domain name. You don’t need to worry about availability anymore since you can choose from a plethora of new generic top-level domain (gTLD).

  • Invest Quality In Motion Hosting

Free hosting comes with it’s set of issues like downtime, ads, security and limited bandwidth. It’s not only crucial to invest in motion hosting for your blog. but it’s also equally important to understand what’s the best hosting option for your blog.

  • Find The Right Blog Niche

As a professional Blogger, It’s important to select a niche that you’re passionate about. Picking a blog niche just because it’s famous and gets more money often result in failure

  • Keep The Best Blog Design Clean

The design of your blog is just as important as your content. Avoid clutter, set up an organized menu, adopt a responsive theme design, and don’t forget the trusted search bar.

  • Set A Goal

For Professional Blogger a plan without set a goal is already a failure. You need to identify goals for your blog and go after it. Let us help you with your first goal ‘A blog post a day’

  • Social Sharing Buttons

You can’t just rely on organic traffic anymore, social networking sites play a great role in boosting visibility of your work. You need to give a medium to your readers to share your work to their social accounts and that’s exactly why you need a good, visible social sharing buttons or social media sharing bar.

  • Monitor Blog Statistics

Blog Statistics give you an insight on what your readers are really consuming from your blog. You can improve your plan by looking at the data and pushing it to the next level. You have Google Analytics, social insights and so many other tools  from where you can learn about your audience.

  • Be active Professional Blogger

The formula is very simple, interact with your community and share your opinion. You also need to keep a close connect with all the new trends within your niche to have a competitive edge. Find people similar to you and have healthy conversations over social channels and that’s when you’ll get noticed.

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There’ so much more that you can do as a PRO Blogger, but take this as a blueprint from where you can start, build on it and steadily evolve.