The I Love You virus is not love!

The I Love You virus is not love! These three words I Love You When a person hears is not his joy, but three words that come into your computer and you will understand that God is the owner because it is the name of a virus, which only a few seconds has the ability to crash your computer. I Love You virus is so dangerous that any department could spoil all the computers together. This recognition came in 2000. Since then thousands of computers, the virus has been damaged.

The I Love You virus is not love!

Does that enter into the computer the virus:

The virus enters the user’s computer via emails and the subject is I Love You, The Love Letter For You is attached. As soon as the user opens their mail in the computer and the virus becomes active again, reflecting themselves automatically becomes available in your inbox and sends messages to the 50 people.

I Love You virus,

The I Love You virus is not love!

It was installed on your computer by the message. Just at a time when it entered the server and mail system makes crash. The virus can also damage pagers and paging services, has become a reason.

how to remove i love you virus?

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