Surprising Interior of Redesigning Sport Center Leonberg Germany

This is a curious case of Redesigning sport center Leonberg Germany. The redevelopment has give the Sport Center Leonberg architectural quality, brightness and atmosphere.

The functional ways have also been much improve: The newly install elevator, such as, now facilitates disabled access to the building. The redevelopment of the Sport Center Leonberg dating from the 1970s was divide into two stages of construction.

New Look After Redesigning Sport Center Leonberg Germany

During the first stage, the two sports halls and the bathing hall were refurbish with adjoining rooms and technical installations. While the outdoor facilities were partly remodel. The second phase involves the restructuring and complete redevelopment of the sauna area, comprising a sauna with a view and a sauna garden.

While the indoor swimming pool and the two sports halls have been open to bathers and sportspeople since February 2014, the structural conversion work in the sauna area will begin shortly.

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Design Consideration for Sport Center Leonberg Germany :

The triangular shape of the bathing hall continues to characterize the building complex. In order to optimize energy efficiency, all the glass facades in the building have been replace. (The renewal of the front sides will be carry out in the summer of 2014.) – The external appearance of the sports center therefore remains virtually unchange.

All the more surprising is the interior of the refurbish and remodel building complex. The aim here was to optimize the Sport Center Leonberg with regard to its functional requirements and atmospheric effect using minor structural measures.

In order to meet this, the architects have created new floor plans and optimized the layout of routes in the foyer and adjoining rooms. The contemporary material and color design lends the interior an identity of its own and ensures that the Sport Center Leonberg gives a pleasant sense of space.

The entire building technology has also been update – only parts of the bathing water equipment have been retain.

sport center Leonberg,sport center Leonberg,sport center Leonberg,

Since redevelopment, the before dark entrance area of the sports center now has an open, bright appearance and has a friendly atmosphere. The glazed entrance facade now offers views into the redesigned foyer.

The reorganization gives this a far more spacious feel – turnstiles and lockers have been move further back and the partition between the bistro and the bathing hall has been fully glaze.

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Maximum transparency and flowing transitions are also provided by the flexible folding glass partition wall between the bistro area and the foyer as well as the half-height glazing opening on to the adjoining administration office area.

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