Vertical Urban Planning in The Nieuw Zuid Towers, Antwerp

What is vertical Vertical Urban Planning of city: Vertical Urban Planning in “The Nieuw Zuid towers”, Antwerp, Belgium design competition won by C.F. Møller Architects and Brut Architecture and Urban Design, with a proposal that redefines the residential high-rise as a vertical social community.

The jury report stated:

“The jury was very impressed by the design. The architecture presents interesting proposals for how to strengthen the community and identity for the Nieuw Zuid towers, and how to unfold the sustainability ambitions. The design enables a new form of collective living in tall buildings, and makes its inner dynamics and diversity visible in the facades without sacrificing the overall expression. The grid structure results in a slender and elegant architecture. The way the grid is subdivided and defines the smaller communities is fascinating.”

Vertical Urban Planning of The Nieuw Zuid towers.

The architectural idea of the building is derived from an inside-out perspective. Where the social qualities of the building are a dominant driver for the design. Often in tall buildings. The sense of community amongst the occupants is challenged by the fact that you hardly ever meet your neighbors. Except coming and going via the lobby and at the lifts.

vertical urban planning,

vertical urban planning,

In contrast, this design proposes to become a sustainable and collective community. Where social interaction is enable and encourage in numerous ways without compromising the need for privacy.

The proposal contains a large selection of apartments reaching out to a diverse group of inhabitants. From small types suitable for student co-housing to larger family and live-work types. All grouped into vertical mini-communities.

vertical urban planning,

vertical urban planning,

The development plan for Nieuw Zuid, a new urban area close to the river Schelde south of the historic center of Antwerp. Defined the outline and height of the tower. By increasing the efficiency of the floor plans. The proposal manages to create more space for the individual homes as well as attractive shared facilities. Within the same volume – summed up by the motto “Bigger & Cheaper”.

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