Free Web operating Systems for You to Try

Cloud operating systems are the systems that situated on the Internet. All your data and software are kept and launched on a remote server, and apps are used mostly as services and not as separate programs. You may launch a virtual application or operating system within your browser which keeps your session and data.

Free Web operating Systems for You to Try

With the help of cloud operating system (also known as Web OS) you may do your office work, prepare different projects, etc. The process is very similar to that you do when working on your home PC without using the Internet. But the main difference is that everything is kept on the Internet and you always have access to your information from anywhere.

Want to try such an operating system? Here’re some of the free Web OSes for you to try.


ZeroPC offers you up to 1 Gb of free disk space and allows you to connect different cloud services for keeping, including Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive, SugarSync and 4Shared in order for you to get access to paper works. ZeroPC is also available on Android, iPhone and iPad, which gives you a very useful possibility of using it on the go.

For those who are interested in photography this service may become a great photo manager which allows connecting photo and video services, such as Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, PhotoBucket, Picasa, and Recood. In addition to that, ZeroPC has native apps for instant messages exchange, text editor and tools for increasing efficiency when working with tables and documents.


Jolicloud presents a Joli OS which you may install on your PC or open it in your browser. Joli OS offers you fully-fledged experience of cooperation with cloud services – you may keep and use your favorite apps any time you need them. Jolicloud has more than 15000 web apps you may use via this system.

You may integrate your Dropbox and Google Drive accounts in Jolicloud. The system also offers you Jolicloud Me service which helps you to manage your online life. At the moment Jolicloud Me supports Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, Picasa, Tumblr and Twitter integration.


SilveOS is a cloud operating system developed with the help of Silverlight. You can launch it in any browser on a device which has Silverlight installed on it. SilveOS has a lot of built-in apps that allow you to write messages, listen to music, make notes and play some standard games. You can also install Silverlight applications from the net in SilveOS.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t offer you any cloud storage so it’s not the best Web OS for long-term outlook. But it’s a very convenient tool if you have to work with new computers very often.


iSpaces provides only basic features which help you to get your job done. For example, among the services provided by this Web OS are file manager, office package (Zoho Office), etc. This OS will help you to keep your working desktop clean and you can easily access desktop from it.

You can work with files from Box and Dropbox with the help of file manager. iSpaces has very simple environment which provides you with access to Box and Dropbox files in the same window. In addition, you may move the files from one space to another by simple dragging. The changes will be reflected in the respective accounts of your cloud service.

Which Cloud computing OS do you like and which one are you planning to use?

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