There are several types of nose shapes that have come into fashion and gone. The one that never goes out of style is the Roman nose. Since immemorial times, people have been divided on whether this type of nose is “acceptable” or not.



Aquiline nose refers to a type of human nose that has a prominent bridge that gives it the appearance of being curved or slightly bent. This aquiline nose is also known as the Roman nose and has been, at times, described specific to a certain race, ethnicity, or geographical group.

Other times, this aquiline nose is also associated with some non-physical traits like intelligence and status, etc. However, there is no scientific support to this link of the aquiline nose with non-physical characteristics.

This type of nose shape is generally found all over the world, mostly in Southern Europe, the Balkans, the Caucasus, South Asia, the Middle East, North Africa, and Central Asia, etc.


There are several celebrities who possess this beautiful nose shape. Chelsea Peretti, the Brooklyn 99 fame actress, is one of them. Other celebrities who possess the Roman nose include people like Penelope Cruz, Audrey Hepburn, Zoe Lister-Jones, and many others.

A lot of times, people think of this Roman Nose as something not to be proud of. A lot of celebrities have opened up about how they have been bullied because of the appearance of their nose.

A lot of people consider the Roman Nose to be a deformity and have devised ways in order to fix this problem. A lot of this hatred arises from the dominance of Western beauty standards over the whole world.

Western beauty standards prefer people to be petite and minimalistic, and therefore, people who do not fulfill these beauty standards are frowned upon.

We all know that nose is one of the most prominent parts of our face. A lot of people, unintentionally, pay attention to noses and it is one of our most distinguishable features. In the past, the European nose or the Roman nose was considered to be the indication of beauty and nobility.

The people from the Nazi group hated these Roman nose-shaped people because they were an indication of Jews. And, we all know Nazis despised Jews.

Now that times are changing, a lot of people are starting to find aquiline nose or Roman nose attractive. Man or woman, does not matter, as the Roman nose is appreciated on both. It has now also become a factor that people look for when looking out for potential dating partners.


In the end, if one has learned to understand one’s body and has started practicing self-love, then there is no need for one to be hungover in their appearance. However, if the hooked nose or the roman nose does not make you happy, you can opt for a nose job and can get your nose shape “fixed.”

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