10 Reaction When Your Flatmate GF visits the flat

We all have experienced the times when our friend is dating someone we don’t like. More often than not it gets awkward because your personality don’t match with hers. From awkward silences to making random stuff up, you try everything to get through that phase.  Here are 10 common reactions when such girlfriends visit your flat-

10 Reaction When Your Flatmate GF visits the flat

10 Reaction When Your Flatmate GF visits the flat-

1) So, you’re chilling at home and your roommate pings you on Facebook that her new ‘Girlfriend’ is coming over and you are supposed to take care of the ‘things’. The things usually involve hiding the porn, cigarettes, booze, and cleaning the apartment.

Dudeeee… Not on game night!

2) When she finally arrives and you learn she’s beautiful. You can’t help but sneak a moment to appreciate his choice.

Bhabhi Mast hai Bhai!! Tere saare gunaah maaf

3) Not long before you realize that the beauty is skin deep and your so-called Bhabhi is annoying. Her jokes are not funny and she talks a lot.

Hahaha..somebody save me

4) But you are a player so you play the pretending game. Even if it means, you have to listen to her never-ending stories.

Thank you Literature for Sarcasm!!

5) Everything in your phone seems interesting when she talks. You even Google random stuff to keep yourself busy.

Hmmm…. the temperature is two degrees higher than yesterday

6) When she gets over-friendly and over-expressive

Leave. My. Arm.

7) When you realize, they’ve become this mushy couple that you can’t stand. The worst part is that you are almost invisible to them.

Oh boy. Not again!!

8) When they ask you to be the third wheel on their date. Your obvious response is ‘I’m busy.’

Pizza in bed… Sounds like a plan to me

9)  You prefer staying at home instead. You spend a lot of time in your pajamas, missing the good old times.

Jaane kahaan gaye wo din…

10) Finally, the moment you’ve been waiting for, arrives, she leaves and you can’t hold your excitement.

I’m happy and I know it 

Such situations are very common these days. Many flatmates are not very supportive when it comes to the visiting girlfriends.

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