Tips for Making Your Home Hurricane Proof

There’s nothing quite as devastating as a major hurricane like the Category 4 storm that leveled much of Louisiana in the late Summer of 2021. Hurricanes cause more damage than just wind and flooding issues. They can also result in sewage leaks, structural issues, and a lack of power for upwards of months at a time.

Says The Chopin Law Firm, a Hurricane Ida attorney, Louisiana and the surrounding Gulf states have been hard hit by devastating hurricanes over the past few years. In the wake of the massive devastation caused by both Hurricane Ida and Hurricane Laura, you will find yourself having to deal with the hurricane damage caused to your home and property.

You might also be wondering (and worrying) over the amount of time you have to file a claim with your insurance company. It’s for this reason you should consult a reputable property damage attorney as soon as possible once the storm passes. 

That said, what are some of the preventative measures you can take to make sure a severe hurricane does little or even no damage to your home? According to a recent article from, for those of you who live in a hurricane zone and are constantly anxious about the next natural disaster, there are some excellent ways to protect your property from hurricane damage.

Some improvements are as easy as cleaning gutters and pruning trees. Other renovations might cost you a few thousand dollars but in the long run, will be worth the cost. Hurricane proofing is not only a good idea when it comes to increasing your resale value, but it will ensure you will have a home left when it comes time to sell.  

That said, here are some tips for making your coastal home hurricane proof.

Metal Roof Installation

If you live within a hurricane zone, a metal hurricane proof roof is not a luxury. It is a must. Without it, your home is likely not to survive the next hurricane without major damage. Because of constant exposure to wind, heavy rains, and other exterior forces, your home’s roof is one of its most vulnerable components.   

If you live in an environment that’s prone to hurricane force winds that come with tropical storms, there’s little doubt that your roof is going to take a pounding no matter how well it’s constructed. That’s why you need a metal roof. It will stand up to torrential rains and high-speed winds of over 150 mph.

High Impact Window Installation

Says, if you’re searching to purchase a home in a coastal area of Louisiana or Florida for instance, you will quickly learn about the importance of high impact glass. Florida considers the high impact window an architecturally specified requirement for homeowners. The windows are engineered with impact-resistant glass which is installed in the window frame.

The strong, durable glass is constructed to keep hail, heavy rain, hurricane force winds, and dangerous flying objects from shattering your windows and causing interior damage or even personal injury. Keep in mind that shattered windows provide points of entry for wind and flying debris. The wind increases pressure inside the house while it searches for a way out resulting in a potential implosion.      

Fiberglass Door Installation

Aside from windows you need to make certain your doors are also wind and impact- resistant. This means wood doors won’t cut it. When hurricanes hit land, debris shoots through the air and can destroy the average door. One it’s been breached, more water, wind, and debris will enter the interior of the home. The result will be significant structural damage that could inevitably lead to the home’s total demolition once the storm has passed.

To avoid such a disaster, you’ll want to install hurricane proof doors made from fiberglass. The doors are far sturdier than the average wood door, since they rarely warp, peel, or scratch. But they can be made to imitate a wood door in terms of aesthetics.

Metal Garage Door Installation

Says CNN, over 80 percent of hurricane damage to residential properties begins with heavy winds destroying your overhead garage door. It’s because of this that coastal residents need to upgrade their garage door to all metal unit.

Lightweight doors will be easily damaged by high winds and flooding, while metal doors are impervious to hurricane-force wind and flying debris. A metal garage door is so important to a hurricane zone-located home that the Federal Emergency Management Agency, or FEMA, highly recommends that you install one on your home.   

Living on or near the ocean can be a dream come true. But hurricanes can and will happen, which means you need to take every precaution to make certain your home is as hurricane proof as possible.

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