CES 2017: The Consumer Electronics Show for Best Gadgets and Gizmos

The best gadgets and gizmos in CES 2017 at consumer electronics show in USA. There are specific expectation from this time’s CES 2017. Let’s check how people and technocrats hope from this time’s consumer electronics show.

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CES 2017

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First of all check ces 2017 schedule here: CES 2017 Full Schedules.

Right before CES opens its doors, you can preview impactful trends, next big things and disruptive innovations that will redefine our industry in 2017. See how new technologies will occupy the landscape of consumer technology before you hit the show floor.

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What’s Trending in CES 2017?

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Expectations from the CES 2017.

TVs: TVs are the classic spectacle of CES. It’s a show of big, amazing displays everywhere you look. And in 2017, the theme will be 4K (again) and HDR (again).

Self-Driving Cars: In 2017, autonomous vehicles and connected cars will likely steal the show. Self-driving has gone from technology from a distant future to a technology that’s actually real. Cars like Chevy’s Bolt and Faraday Future’s concept were the showstoppers of CES 2016.

VR: CES 2016 was the big year of virtual reality hype. CES 2017 is the aftermath of its promising but slow launch. we’ll see more of a focus on experimental features, like inside-out tracking, hand controls, and all-in-one formats.

Drones: Drones will be almost certainly be buzzing onstage and around the show as entertainment, a robotic crowd-pleaser that never fails to lend a futuristic edge to the CES madness.

Wireless Audios: Apple’s efforts to push wireless tech forward and the overall headphone industry’s reaction both point toward wireless cans being essentially the standard for 2017.

Built-in Cameras: All the major camera players are likely to have some sort of presence at CES 2017. Don’t hold your breath for a ton of fantastic announcements.

Wearable Gadgets:  Expectations for wearable at CES 2017 aren’t exactly high. But that doesn’t mean wearable makers won’t give it their best try. A lot will be health-focus beyond basic step-counting and heart rate tracking. But since many of them aren’t FDA approve. That also means a fair amount of bogus claims will be make.

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