5 Common Types of College Essays and How to Write Them!

You’ve probably already written an assortment of essays in your school. And that’s probably what’s making you feel confident about acing your essay paper in college too.

However, trust me, it’s not easy.

There are just too many types of essays that you will encounter in college. Each of them is different from the other, and you’ll need a specific strategy to deliver them perfectly. 

If you’re smitten with work, it will be better to opt for one of the best essay writing services. But if you want to face the challenge, here’s what you need to do in each aspect.

Type – 1: Definition Essay

As the name implies, a definition essay will ask you to define a subject matter and explain it in a proper manner. The topic can be about either something specific or generic. 

But, the end goal for you will be the same – to outline the context of the topic and construe it. So, make sure that your writing is to the point and has a proper substance behind it.

How to Write?

  • A definition essay should be all about wording your article properly. So, make sure to choose a more abstract phrase with a complicated meaning. For instance, ‘house’ is a fairly simple word. If you want to make it appear like a concept, using ‘home’ might be a better option for you. This way, you can use it differently to mean more than one thing at the same time or phrase.
  • If you were given the chance to select the topic, always try to go for something that you are familiar with. Ensure that the background of the same is heavy enough. So, this way, you will be able to talk and express your viewpoint more exclusively.
  • Do not write about a small and concrete object, such as a ball or a pencil. Instead, it might be better to go for something more abstract, like success or death.

Type – 2: Persuasive Essay

In this case, you will be given a topic and asked to offer your own viewpoint on it. It might be either negative or positive. But, no matter what, you must explain why you support it.

But that doesn’t mean you can say whatever you want to. The points you are mentioning in the essay must be relevant and need to have a polarizing effect on the provided subject.

How to Write?

  • When it comes to writing a persuasive essay, you should always ask questions. It’ll help you shift from one para or argument to the other seamlessly.
  • The wording of a persuasive essay has to be correct and precise. The language of it will need to be strong as well. Or else, you won’t be able to ‘persuade’ the readers.
  • The thesis statement of the article should be concise and clear. Make sure to draw a persuasion map at the beginning to do this properly.

Type – 3: Analytical Essay

An analytical essay should be all about how well you can evaluate the topic in your way. It is a little different than the previous one, as you can’t offer an argumentative statement.

But you will still get the chance to prove your point in a constructed manner. So, make sure to choose a topic that is known to you and gather a lot of information before writing.

How to Write?

  • An analytical essay will have three different parts to talk about – an introduction, an elaborate body section, and a conclusion. So, be sure to create the structure early.
  • The introduction of an analytical essay should be able to hook your audience up. So it might be best to keep it a little vague while offering some concise information.
  • The conclusion of the article should bring up the core topic again and enable you to provide your own argument. But make sure not to divert the topic too much.

Type – 4: Personal Essay

As you can guess from the name, this type of essay will let you share a memory of yourself and talk about what you’ve learned from it. And yes, it is, indeed, easier to write than whatever we have talked about before. But, you will also want to strike an image in the head of your reader through it. So, the wording and phrasing of the same can’t be redundant at all.

How to Write?

  • A personal essay should explore an incident that you have been a part of. It may be a fun one or something more serious. But you have to share what you’ve learned.
  • Always write this type in a conversational tone and format. Ask questions about what the reader would do if they were in your place. It will look enticing this way.
  • You do not really have to be too strict while writing this type of article. Let loose of your creative self and see where it takes. But don’t use swear words.

Type – 5: Research Paper

The most dreaded yet the most common type of essay, a research paper, should be written in a strict manner. The language shouldn’t be anything like a personal article too.

Also, as it’s more difficult to write, you should write a rough draft of it at the beginning. If you feel that it looks decent enough, you can go for the final draft and submit it.

How to Write?

  • The topic you choose should strictly be within your niche. And the information you are giving here has to be relevant too. Or else you won’t get a good grade.
  • Only writing the article isn’t going to be enough. In addition, you will also have to create a bibliography too. It will take you some time to complete, but it’s worth it.
  • Make sure to add as many facts and stats as you can in the article. The more you’re being efficient in this aspect, the higher the grade you are going to get.

So, that’ll be all, really. If there’s something you want to know or tell us, comment below. We will try to help you out in any way we can! 

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