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Boost up your Business by Renovating with Ceiling Tiles

Your business needs quite an investment from time to time in order to roll perfectly. Your restaurant, lounge, bar, motel or fast food is the place where dozens or even hundreds of clients come and go on a daily basis. You need to keep the place attractive, and you need to invest in top quality finishes that are highly durable. You could actually change the entire looks of your business location by renovating with ceiling tiles. This type of renovation requires a relatively small investment, and you can check out the catalog with beautiful tiles offered by TalissaDecor.com

Faux Tin Ceiling Tiles Decorating Ideas with Examples.


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Several high reputable online sources discuss the great benefits of installing faux tin tiles in your restaurant for example. First of all, traditional ceilings will absorb all the grease and dirt after some time. This means you need to re-paint your walls and ceiling quite often. The good news is that faux tin tiles are practically maintenance free, and they will not absorb dirt, grease, etc.

What is Faux Tin Ceiling Tiles.

Yet another benefit is that faux tin ceiling tiles can be installed during a DIY project. You will actually achieve top professional results, without any specialized help. All the installation tools and accessories such as glue can be purchased directly from the provider when you buy your tiles. Within one day only you can change the facet of your entire restaurant or bar and make it much brighter, welcoming and impressive.

Faux tin tiles are designed so as to look just like authentic embossed tin ceilings, you would see in bygone times such as in beautiful Victoria homes. Add a touch of history and beauty to your place with the help of faux tin ceiling tiles. At Talissa Décor you will find a very wide palette of types, designs and colors of faux tin tiles that you can choose from:

  • White Pearl and Brass patina combination- looks amazing in any space especially if you are looking to brighten up space.
  • Antique Copper Red- brings a touch of vintage to your space in an instant.
  • Silver Gold or Silver Purple- looks incredibly well in modern types of establishments, where light and sparkle are extremely important.
  • RoseWood-elegant and romantic ceiling tiles that go perfectly for romantic ambiances.
  • Gold-Blue or Gold-Green ceiling tiles- fresh, modern yet reminiscent of old days when authentic tin ceilings were the main attraction of any space.
  • White Pearl and Blue- a clash of elegant white and royal blue for a result you will simply love.

Check out here a few more great ideas on how you can make your commercial space. Truly beautiful and highly impressive using such ceiling tiles. The faux tin ceiling tiles also represent a very nice decorative and improvement idea for an office. Just think about the regular office with white walls…quite boring isn’t it? Now you can add brilliance and beauty to any type of office with such faux tin ceiling tiles.

Ceiling tiles are always look extremely beautiful in any place they are fit. Even renowned department stores, jewelry stores, fancy restaurants, bars, lounges, etc. throughout the world do have such ceiling tiles. Whenever a visitor enters your space he will be immediately impress with the beauty and brightness of your place. Ceilings fitted with tiles are never boring, and they will reflect light throughout your space. Don’t hesitate to check out quality photos online with such commercial projects where they utilized ceiling tiles. Last, but not least the faux tin tiles can be clean extremely easily, and you will find here a professional guide on the installation of tin tile ceilings.

ceiling tiles,

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Why choose Faux Tin Ceiling Tiles for your commercial project?

  • Lightweight and extremely easy to handle during the DIY project. You can build your own ceiling by yourself, and you don’t need any specialized help.
  • 3D quality embossing on each tile, making it look like authentic tin. Why invest a fortune in real tin tiles, when you can get the same quality for a fraction of the cost?
  • Stain resistant, water resistant and termites resistant too. Everything you need for a successful and efficient commercial space improvement.
  • Extremely easy to clean, virtually maintenance free.
  • Easy to install- get every tool and accessory you need when you purchase the tiles.
  • 100% fire tested and approved.

Faux tin tiles are also extremely versatile. They can be use to cover up unsightly ceilings, but also to decorate the walls. You can frame a few such titles and apply them onto the wall for the best décor effects. There are also hundreds of different improvement ideas available online, on how you can use the faux tin ceiling tiles to beautify your space. Just check out these top quality pictures and get inspired, make your space unique and beautiful!.


Image Source: talissadecor

The faux tin tiles are larger sized panels that can be directly applied onto an unsightly popcorn ceiling for example. You do not have to repair the old ceiling first, but you can use the panels to cover up any faulty and ugly ceiling. Your old ceiling will become history, and your new ceiling will impress anyone stepping into the room.

Ceiling Tiles in Office Spaces.

Such decorative tiles also represent a good way to brighten up your office space. With  a relatively small investment, you can make your entire office more luminous and welcoming. People generally like offices that inspire trust through decor, and you can now achieve this with ceiling tiles. Check out the beautiful faux tin 3D embossed ceiling tiles offered through Talissa Decor and choose the ones that you like the most.

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Remember that in order to achieve the best results, you always must purchase the tiles through a reputable provider. Only they are capable of providing you with top quality products and affordable prices. Also, quality tiles are extremely durable, so you can rest assured your project will last for years and years without any problem.

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